Harvesting Session on OpenVillage Festival Day 1

[Editor note: The following notes were made by @alberto during the “Harvesting Session”, at the end of the first day of OpenVillage Festival (19th October 2017). Quotes are not verbatim but summarize what was said. If you feel something is mis-represented, please tell us in a comment or with the “Flag → Something Else” feature and a mod will fix it. – @matthias]

[quote=Denise]I suggest we all introduce each other.

[Yikes! The idea gets voted out. Alberto proposes to build a sort of directory. Nadia proposes to put photos on the platform, where listening triads are listed.][/quote]

That kind soul was me. I was not yet familiar with the faces, so there is misattribution and shorthand like “French guy”. Sorry :slight_smile:

Hey mods, the ‘American Lady’ was @sabgaby

Thank you, I edited it in :slight_smile:

Thank you for the writeup! So I have attributed the first post to you now.