Heads up: in-browser editing on NextCloud does not work

Hello @reeflings , following the latest update of our NextCloud instance some setup errors creeped in. File sharing and calendar seem to work as normal, but we can not edit files in the browser, the only way to do it seems to download, edit and re-upload (which is another way to say that NextCloud itself works, but is no longer correctly connected to NextCloud Office).

I have opened a ticket with our service provider, they are normally quite fast.

On the up side, the reported issue with sharing calendars (Chris pointed it out to me) is resolved, or was before the update.


On my calendar, I can now no longer see all the Reef’s events that are now linked to one of the four calendars that @Lee has created in Nextcloud. I can see that they are shared with me on Nextcloud, but do I need to do something to connect my Google calendar to all these new ones?

I revisited this post (How to add The Reef's calendar to your own calendar app), but I’m not sure if the section ‘Adding The Reef’s calendar to your calendar app’ applies to adding every newly created calendar, or just Nextcloud in general…

The instructions are general, but each new calendar has its own address. Only the calendar’s creator has access to the address, so we need @Lee to share it.

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IT-analphabet here. Can you please tell me what I should do, or else use my password and take care of it?