Heads up: the Facebook campaign in Armenia works

Numbers are pretty obvious. Armenia was country number 1 for visits in the last month. Conversions are following the same pattern, though more flattened. Good job, @Said Hamideh and @Noemi!

What about the quality of the people coming in? Any thoughts?


how do we assess the language barrier influence?

Yes I have been following the numbers as well, and we got around 30 user signups on the platform.

How can you tell the quality of the people? Yes, almost all newcomers say they care about at least one aspect of community wellbeing - the environment topping the list. But you only get to know people better through discussions; It may be that the quality of conversations here online are not reflecting the quality of the people’s work - some threads are on standby possibly due to short timing, tech issues -notifications, and I suspect language.

People were drawn with messages in Armenian - they sign up and find almost everything is in English - for the less skilled or brave this already hints at a space that’s foreign - and what is foreign always takes more time to grasp, even when the motivation is there, no?

Anyway, a lot of the credit for the big no. of visits and newfound visibility in Armenia goes to @Enli, @Lili, @Zhanna who took time to help translate and email people in Armenian, so many many thanks gals! :slight_smile:



Thanks to you!

Are these new people?

New to UNDP Armenia, I mean. @Lurglomond, can you or one of your colleagues look through the new signups and the Arrivals group to see if this Facebook thing brought any new people on the radar?

Well, in the last few days I have been sending event invitations to at least 300 of my facebook friends, I think, maybe even more, trying to make sure I don’t annoy mr. Zuckenberg, so some of these people wrote me back, asked questions, I replied as much as I could, then they registered and wrote articles, and I could follow this process as much as the slow internet connection would allow me. Some of those statistics should be directly connected to this, I think.

Do you have the exact dates?

@Vahagn, having exact dates would help us to parse the effect of your work from that of the campaign. Any of the new sign ups are not friends of yours?

yeah but I need a better internet connection to track back and see when I did what, because I didn’t document it. And I don’t really know if it shows on facebook when exactly was the invitation sent to who, I have to check it. Does anyone know how to find that info on facebook? Some of the new sign ups should be from those who I sent invitations to, or who saw my facebook statuses.

Lots of newbies

Good job team!  Lots of new faces - 80% ish.  Hasmik can’t wait to join you and connect better with the edge.

Great to hear new people are joining!:slight_smile: Greetings from sunny Portugal dear @Lurglomond!

Business or pleasure?

@Vahagn - good to reconnect.  Thanks for connecting your network with the event in Tbilisi!

Welcome bro, my pleasure:)!

Thank you too for your efforts to get people in!