Hello everyone - happy to be on board

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to say that I am happy to be joining Edgeryders community and thought it would be nice to tell you more about me and introduce myself in order to know each other better, as now me and @Ahmed M Rabie are working together now as community builders in Egypt .

Well … I studied architecture then joined the army for one year -mandatory in Egypt- and now I am enrolled in TU Berlin Campus Elgouna urban development master program. Although I studied architecture but I don’t like to be known as an architect - trying not to be one of those “intellectual architects” who look down to the people as they look to their plans. I don’t want to be someone who contributes in a master plan or a design to make people more miserable. I always have this saying that “architects are just like politicians: both like to talk with “big words” and don’t give a damn about what people actually want or need”.

After finishing my army service, looking for a job I had 2 ways to go as an architect - I considered searching for other jobs as well, like a math teacher but wasn’t lucky- one way was to work in an office where work is mainly making computer drawings and the other way was to be on the construction site. And I had this other saying that “if you are going to be a serial killer don’t choose bullets as your weapon, choose something with less blood” so I went for a job in the office. Anyway I only worked for 5 months before joining this master program and I hated it, was going to quit anyway.

I always like to describe my self as a “knowmad” and “interest based learner”. Knowmad - actually it is just a "big "cool word :slight_smile: but kinda describes what I do, as I am interested in different things so I always go from one thing to another - like attending a theoretical physics lecture talking about quantum physics and Higgs Boson which till now didn’t know WTH is, then working with a couple of friends on designing a piece of furniture and attending an online course about intro to philosophy. And “interest based” is when I am interested in something I go for it, try to be engaged in it as much as possible, but when it comes to a point that I lose my interest I don’t continue with it - and TU now is making me lose interest bit by bit, but anyway I can’t leave.

Obviously not all my plans/ projects work, most of them end in failure or in an unfinished state but I am okay with that, it is part of the learning process.

Actually now besides Edgeryders and my masters I am working on my own research - still struggling with it - about alternatives for institutional education focusing on democratic schooling in Berlin and homeschooling in Cairo where I shared the interview I had with one of the parents.

Some random stuff about me:

I “love” playing football a lot, it just makes me happy and in a good mood :slight_smile: even if I play with people whose language I don’t speak, and the first time I went to play I wasn’t really sure they are going to play or not.

I used to cycle in Cairo but now I don’t in Berlin (what a shame).

I became pessimistic about the near future of my country, but yet didn’t lose hope. So …don’t know what else to add …feel free to ask me anything.

Finally I think Edgeryders is a very nice community connecting really interesting people -or people living on the edge- and I am looking forward to know you better, also have very good expectations about Spot the Future project.

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Hi hazem!

Although we met briefly via email, glad to meet you on the platform as well! I think we can learn a lot from each other :).


Hi, I was browsing through the stories in Arrivals and there’s something very inspiring in catching up with other people’s lives, just seeing how they were a year ago and how one perceives them now.

From one community builder to another, looking forward to be working with you again in the CATALYST collaboration project :wink:

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So true!

Gives me an idea :slight_smile: