Hello everyone!

Hi, my name is Inga, I am a freelance journalist and a social science researcher. I love active people and I believe that anyone of us are capable of starting positive changes. Even if they are just small ones.

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Hi Again!

Good to see you at the arrivals part as well! I will send you an email today with information about the workshop. Before that, besides the bookswap thing you talked about, what other things could you think about before we go ahead with the workshop. perhaps some interesting initiatives from the Kakheti region, such as the cafe run by intellectually challenged people? Or there are other mini projects going on in sighnaghi worth mentioning? 

We missed you at the workshop!

Hi Inga how’s it going? I was so looking forward to meet you, maybe next time?

Have you had a chance to look through the challenges we’ve identified in Tbilisi? What do you think, anything you can contribute with or would like to keep a close look at?  Thinking about the Vake Park, which by the way we visited while on location, anything you see could help for strengthening collective action and helping such movements become more effective? What are we missing from the picture? Nick says we need to communicate better with NGOs and international stakeholders to draw more attention on this and have more chances to succeed… At Edgeryders we’ll try to do our part once the video and interview Sam Muirhead took will be up :)