Hello from France!

Hello everybody!

It’s been quite a while between my first check in here and my introduction post =)
I’m glad to be here, because the Edgeryders work and community values have been introduced to me by @unknown_author in the first place. We’ve been in contact for years on many other topics such as music and culture, related to my previous life, but now enjoy chats about everything related to his work as an anthropo/ethnographer all around the world, and mine as a blogger and “thinker”.
I’m also glad to write this first post because I had the pleasure to meet @nadia in person, when she was in Paris, and share some thoughts with her. I learned A LOT during those 2 hours we spent together, and now I feel like I definitely need to push forward in that direction, learn more and contribute as much as possible, with the whole Edgeryders community.

That’s being said, a littke more about me:
While I was a dancer in my early 20’s, I’ve been studying anthropology and sociology in France for a few years. My global topic was about the ability for a cultural movement to settle a new society paradigm for its members, and how that can possibly evolve into a revolutionary movement. My initial ground was the Hip Hop culture, though I’ve been exploring into a lot of directions, with more or less depth.
But before the end of my university course, I decided to launch a music label after a bad knee injury, and to try to keep my feet into the movement. 8 years after that, and a lot of money not earned (…), I switched another time and became a cheesemonger.
That new career launching carried with it exactly what I’ve been chasing for years, connecting all the dots of my previous lives: I finally learnto study socio-anthropologically the whole cycle I’m working in, and enhance this into a more “big picture” thinking about local scale, localism, alternative models and all sort of things around that.

The result of this is all on my (french speaking) blog.

Now, I’m trying to get all of that thinking into concrete material and prototypes, as I’m working on several ideas to push my local scale related ideas into tools of many kinds…

Anyways, that post is axctually longer than any of my blog articles so I guess I’m gonna stop here, and try to read more and more on this forum =)

Thank you!
Cheers from France!


Welcome to Egderyders @gregoiremarty. Well, cheese is definitely very concrete. And there is a lot about food out there to explore, as @winnieponcelet, @rachel and the other biohackers are teaching us. So, you seem more advanced than most of us (starting with myself) in coming down from the clouds and actually getting your hands dirty. :slight_smile:

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Loving the intersection of embodiment, hip-hop, socio-anthropologcal cycles and material prototypes @gregoiremarty. I resonate with the notion that when we’re thinking about [quote=“gregoiremarty, post:1, topic:7603”]
the ability for a cultural movement to settle a new society paradigm for its members, and how that can possibly evolve into a revolutionary movement
we totally need to think and move across scales, sometimes diving deep and other times unleashing nodes. Your work sounds like it’s embracing these complexities but then practicing in a hands on way. I so appreciate this. Looking forward to taking a dive into your blog and thinking-learning-living together more :pineapple:

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thank you all for the welcoming messages!

yes @alberto cheese is concrete, but I’m only selling it and still learning its whole cycles and processes. Its is really interesting though, as its history and processes are testifying of real deep harmonious solutions found by humans living in all types of areas/climates/ressources/etc. It tells a lot, I think, about how our current system is really disconnected from our nature as a specie, and still carry aspects of solutions we could/should use to build/improve our food cycles…
But it’s quite a long story and discussion… :slight_smile:

To rethink scales of organization and action is definitely an emergency to me @anique.yael. I try to understand the product I seel everyday, and what it carries with him: the people and animals behind it, the spaces and areas (terroirs), the stories and the histories, the tastes and flavours, everything. And enhancing that into a non-specific work about emergencies, adaptation, and scales of action.

Now, @nadia told me earlier that she might have somebody in the community to translate the most connected to Edgeryders content/work/values articles of my blog from french to english, but if that solution doesn’t work, I might give a try by myself and post some of them translated in this forum.

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