Hello! I'm Simon, a student in Ecology who likes to write

Hello everyone !
I’m Simon Reckford or Gaïou, I am a student in Lyon in a program called ‘Design and Strategy for the Anthropocene’. It’s about ecology. I have a background as a UX Designer.
I write as a hobby and I am very interested by the approach you have about Witness. I have a few stories to add to the project :slight_smile:
I am a bit lost on the website though.
Best wishes,


Hi Simon :slight_smile: Welcome to our home on the internet. The way the website is organised is that it is a collection of forums, each one dedicated to an area of activities and it is where you will find the people who are active. Witness has its own forum here: Witness - Edgeryders and you can post in the stories section here: Witness Stories - Edgeryders

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Thank you @nadia !

That’s a win! I have been thinking about writing one too, but I may not have it in me. It’s difficult stuff!

We can help. @nadia already pointed you to the right place where you can post a story, and from there it is wasy to put it on the Witness main website. But if you have any trouble, just ask.