Hello, introducing myself :)

I am Moushira. One of the OpenCare crew from WeMake, and it is time to introduce myself :).  Once upon a time I was an architect, building and exploring alternative building techniques with communities in the desert of Morocco and the mountains of Sinai in Egypt.  Three years ago, I got a masters in interaction design, and then Arduino started to change my life :). Since then, I have been working on different things, including a project for an opensource laser cutter, called Risha, that operates via mobile phone.   I am also working on another project that helps introduce Bedouin women and kids in the mountains to smart textiles, and I am a consultant to the Wikimedia Foundation (the one that runs Wikipedia), working on helping find out what readers want (because no body knows yet, imagine!).

As part of OpenCare team from WeMake, where I am working on both the strategy and the harvesting of the online community and helping the people define projects that they want to implement. Moving on, I will help with physical prototyping aspects.  I believe Opencare is a wonderful initiative,  that reminds us of simple solutions that can make a difference in our lives, yet nobody thinks about them, because nobody knows those exists at first place.  Many thanks to @Costantino for offering me this opportunity.

I speak Arabic, English, French and Spanish (proficiency is in the same order :).  I am Egyptian, and these days I live between Alexandria and Dahab (a small city in Sinai)

Nice to meet you everyone, please let me know if you have any questions.



Welcome :slight_smile:

Hi Moushira,

Welcome to the team ! Hope we’ll get to know you soon :)


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Lets see how we can grow a happy OpenCare community :slight_smile:


Thanks for introducing yourself. I look forward to hearing more about your project and seeing what WeMake!


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Join our weekly call?

Hi @Moushira, lovely to meet you virtually. I’m noemi, doing part of the community mmanagement online in open care. I’m saying part because I see you are also attached to somehow being close to our growing community, like many of us involved.

Hope to see you on Monday at our regular online hangouts 16:30 cet? https://edgeryders.eu/en/op3ncare/op3n-meetups

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Nice meeting you “virtually” as well, @Noemi.  See you in the next call :slight_smile:

Welcome, too


@Noemi, @Nadia, should we assign this post to the community space group as well?

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