Hello everyone! My name is Amelia Hassoun, and I have recently joined the Edgeryders team to work on Op3nCare. I’m really excited to have joined the community, and am looking forward to listening to, reading, and sharing stories about healthcare experiences and creative, open, community-based solutions to issues in health and social care.

A little more about me— I’m a digital anthropologist and a doctoral researcher at University of Minnesota. My previous research at UCL ethnographically examined Open Source software in England’s National Health Service (NHS), specifically focusing on community participation (or lack thereof, in too many cases) in healthcare IT creation and implementation. My current doctoral research analyses community-based civic technology initiatives in Singapore, asking how community members creatively interact with and rework Singapore’s “smart” urban technologies. Before starting this project, I worked at a company in London to create a non-profit patient information website which took NHS open data and put it in a form easily accessible to patients and their families.

Really looking forward to (virtually) meeting everyone and working together.


Oh, it’s you!!

Nice to meet you @Amelia, welcome on board!

Your thesis looks like it will be of real interest to some folks in and around edgeryders… even more given that we haven’t gotten to Singapore (yet!) :slight_smile: If you’ve got work-in-progress or interesting articles to share, do link away.

You probably know this already, but the way to participate and interact with the OpenCare community and people who have shared their stories is to look here

Happy browsing!


PS My recent story of care and how we run from medical systems in Romania is here.