Help create a logo for LOTE5

We need a logo for LOTE5, to help us pick the name and get the word out.

If any of the following inspires you to make childish/stylish doodles:



LOTE5: RatRaceReset

LOTE5: Parachuting Hindenberg

LOTE5: Stuntmen

… then let’s see it here :slight_smile:

If you think all the above names are lame, you can generate more names via this wiki:


This task is worth 1/3 of a LOTE5 ticket. Completing it is not enough to get a ticket, but you’re almost there. 

I assume someone means Hindenburg

I can picture a nice welcome gift of Hindenburg Cigars by the way.

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Spelling’s never been my strongest side

& apart from the cigars are you feeling inspired for a logo?

I’m resetting the deadline for this task to next Friday. Let’s gooooooooooooooooo (imagine the sound of someone falling down like the Hindenburg)

We’re shooting for “The Great UnFail” right?

I can give it a (couple of) shot(s). People - please feel free to through some material in here that you could imagine is helpful. There are some pretty nasty X-ray photos out there that often work well technically cause of good contrast. If you like I can have a look at the airship theme (there were loads of bad accidents - unfortunately not many in pictures). I was also thinking of a mosaic image. Lots of little fuckups making up a large (un)Fail. Sorta like:

We eventually settled on Fail - unFail

To cover all that’ll be going on.

My idea was to have something close to the ER style guides, so a cirkel with something simpel inside it. The contours of a plain crashing, of the hindenburg, of a boat and an icerberg, of money burning.

(we can use the source material of the logo of LOTE4)

What do you think? Can you give an example of a nasty Xray?


Nasty x-ray

Like this. But it isn’t exactly suited for minimal logos. Firecracker, in case you were wondering…

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This is grose, I love it

Even if it doesn’t make it to the logo, let’s work with for communication and newsletter decoration!

If you want simple


Love it.

Just sayin… :slight_smile:

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Is it supposed to look like a penis flying sideways?


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Quick & dirty on Hindenburg Cigars

I’ll just throw this in here and see if it tickles or sticks.

89/366 - Cigar

Text could read: Hindenburg Cigars [in appropriate font],

  • Too big to fail since 1937
  • Failing in Style since 1937
  • Failing Big since 2008
  • For those special moments
  • Go in high. Come out hot & low.
  • [on black/white warning label] Trying is the first step on a road to failure
  • [on black/white warning label] Trying hard may not be enough

For those special moments

And ‘Go in high. Come out hot & low.’ are my favorites, although I wonder people (especially the ones my ages and younger) will get it



Perhaps I can help with this task, but before I put time into it, is it really still open? Because the stated deadline is passed and I kind of recall seeing a logo around with epicnonfail?

It is still open

and all your ideas/proposals are still welcome!

We’ve decided on the titel ‘The Great unFail’, which ideally will be incorporated somehow.

I’ve done a bit of logo design myself, but am for sure not an expert. If you have time (perhaps this Thursday) we could bounce ideas?

Wednesday or Friday would be better for me (my son is at daycare).


In the morning? Which timezone are you in?

I’m in time zone Amsterdam. It won’t work in the morning any more, sorry yesterday i got an urgent task i didn’t expect.

This afternoon around 14.30?


My skype name is kira_vde

Talk soon!

@KiraVde I’m so sorry, I just saw your reaction and realised I missed this completely. So much for failing. Hopefully I can unfailing this and hopefully it didn’t cause too much waste of time. I’d like to make it up to you if possible.

We need a kick-ass fail - unfail logo!

Calling out to all visual thinking peoples out there!

Who has ideas for LOTE5 logo design?

The field is wide open. A big iceberg with a boat floating towards it for example. Just feeding inspiration…