Help me put together a communication plan ahead of Lote?

Hi everyone, putting this together as an overview of what we’d need to do together in the following two months. The way I see it, we’d move along 3 lines:

  1. Support content production: assisting the agenda builders and local engagers (eg in Matera) with content, design and templates they can use to channel Stewardship stories towards Edgeryders.

  2. Social media engagement: keep up with our daily routines, increase the number of team members sharing daily headlines and broaden the conversation to channel content towards the Lote4 discussion group and agenda making.

3. Smooth teams coordination: circulate internal updates, chase team leaders to share the work online, maintain transparency and openness as new people are coming in to support the effort.

To roll out with this we’re going to need everyone in the Lote4 Communication team on board. Can I ask you to check the below and take on tasks which you would enjoy the most or share some new ideas?


Description and goal metric


Tasks to take on



Case Study Adventures follow up

Pinging existing contacts to make sure people find their way on Edgeryders and propose sessions

Goal: 3 case studies by Sept 16th (twitterstorm)

Template invitation

List of people to approach needs to be uploaded, care of @Lauren

Proposals to lead sessions

Reach out to existing contacts and broader ER community whose work we know is Stewarship relevant and will make for good conference sessions

Goal: 5 session proposals by Sept 16th


Task Lead a conference session

Engagement in Italy

Curated interviews and posts to engage people in Matera, Basilicata and broader, in a conversation about Stewardship

Goal: 3 local stories by Sept 16th

Goal: 6 local stories by Oct 16th

Task: Blog post on Community Matera 2019

Task: Outreach in Matera

Increase our media coverage to reach out to more audiences

Content editorializing for publishing on different platforms and blogs

Goal: 2 blog posts by Sept 25th

Goal: 5 blog posts by mid October

Help complete List of media to contact

Up for writing a piece? leave a comment below.

Video production

Release a Lote4 trailer; content can be remixed from Knowlab video

Needs to be online by Sept 16th

Care of @NicoBis

Graphic design

Posters for key case studies or sessions; alternatively photos+quotes

Goal: 3 posters by Sept 16th

Task: Graphic design



countonme mailing list: 3 headlines a day

A minute effort to spread out Lote4 news. Daily headlines delivered in everyone’s email box

Goal: 100 members by mid October (currently 40)

Update social media calendar

Sign up for the mailing list

Twitterstorm event

A call for the community to join

A media press release (min. 10 outlets)

A sequence of 30 tweets to be tweeted from official ER account

5 photos + quotes to accompany tweets

Goal: 100 Edgeryders tweeting during twitterstorm

Call out & up for sharing!

Task: Press release

Task: Craft tweets

Task: graphic design

Broaden conversations

Target facebook groups, influencing twitter accounts and other online fora

Goal: 50 new signups on Edgeryders by mid October

Help complete List of media to contact

*Facebook ad campaign

(depends on budget)

Targeted at people working with community projects; stewardship related

Schedule for Sept 10-Sept 15th

Goal: 50 new signups on Edgeryders by mid October

Former facebook campaign example



Weekly community call

Thursdays, 11 AM CEST

Join in!

Task: Upload summary online

Weekly newsletter

Ask each team leader for updates, collate them in an email and send it out every Fri/Sat to everyone who’s joined a Lote4 team

Goal: 40% open rate

Task (take this on to get a conference ticket!)


Which are the (online) spaceswhere you think Lote4 should be present?

Edit this wiki and add your thoughts here… or comment below!

Who should we approach as speakers or curators for the event? Got someone to recommend?

Edit this wiki and add your thoughts here… or comment below!

How to sharpen the Stewardship narrative to guide our communications? Write down your own understanding of stewardship..

Edit this wiki and add your thoughts here… or comment below!

How to ease the coordination process? Know of new tools, new ways of keeping everyone involved?

Edit this wiki and add your thoughts here… or comment below!

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