Community call 28 August 2014 writeup

We started making sure we understand the structure and major teams coordination at Lote4.

1. Who’s leading what so far?

Natalia - coordinating onsite

Nico - coordinating storytelling team, stories about stewardship online

Ben - Agenda building

Noemi - Communication

Hackathon before the LOTE event, led by James and Hazem and Alberto:

The “call for projects” page was heavily edited and renamed Hackathon. The deadline was taken down. In general, we agreed the process had been overengineered. @Rémy, @JamesL and @Alberto are reframing the hackathon starting from maybe two projects (Traditional Knowledge Data Bank; software for co-living), but there are several others that have been proposed and putting them online. People can still submit new ideas, but it is more important that participants that just want to be along for the ride (but not lead a project themselves) have a concrete idea of what is going on.

We are currently thinking along the lines of having a 2-day hackathon before the main event, so 22 and 23 October.

@katalin has volunteered to help out with the storytelling of the Traditional Knowledge Databank writeup. She will get in touch with Rémy to coordinate.

You can keep track of the hackathon stuff activity in the relevant project.

Kei: Can Alexandro stay at unMon first week of October.

Alberto: Oct. 12-20:  unMon full; lot of organisational mess; Ben, we have largest room in building

2.  Teams & tasks 

UPDATE: The latest info about teams coordination is here.

Tasks need to be 

  1. Tracked, so we know who can do what (and whether things were done or not). (Ben)
  2. Integrated with the Makerfox: now we buy tickets with collaboration, so all collaboration needs to count.

These two needs mean that we have to be very disciplined in using tasks to track what we do, and to make sure tasks have a Makerfox equivalent. The first rule is this: when you need something done, put up a task; and when you put up a task, always write (in the body text) what fraction of a ticket the task corresponds to.

Noemi: how to coordinate? last year what worked pretty well to ensure everybody involved or registered for Lote gets an overview were weekly newsletters

Ben: weekly blogpost as well, send it on to wider audiences

3. Noemi: who is doing what so far?

Ben: lots done, interviews w/ stewards etc, needs to write it up, contact people who promised to do sessions, get proposals

Alberto: contact VIPS as soon as possible

Noemi: ideally make judgement calls when it comes to who is suited to curate content and sum up key contributions, who is suited to lead a session/workshop

Alberto: joined 3 teams; 2 passively, social media+fundraising+hackathon(main) - under control

Hazem: hard to engage people on the platform once he tells them about the Stewardship while in Berlin: no case studies, people don’t understand 'stewardship", needs good stories, how to bring people in who have good stories,

Ben: reduce questions, minimise requested information let them tell their stories

Alberto: it is not important that the word “stewardship” is there. Let’s just emphasize the activities of maintaining public goods, taking care of them.

Ben: most people don’t think of what they do as “stewardship”, which makes their stories more important because it inspires other people to do similar work

Katalin: representing the “lost”; signed up for storytelling (taking notes and photos during the event) and curating sessions, but not sure what to do next.

Alberto: Narrative for LOTE4 missing (Welcome and Register done by Alberto)

storytelling is needed - contact Noemi

visit tasks page assign yourself and add comment so people see what you are doing

Dorotea: online and offline communications

Bembo: program design, how to structure the days, representative of unMon

Kei: documentation during conference + working on a documentation toolkit; actionable: post ideas on the platform

Lauren: travelling, lots of contacts, needs help w/ follow-up contacts

Kei: personalised invitation to platform, specific landing page

Noemi: an actionable, will do it

Ksenia: needs to look around more, has been absorbed in own project, wants to do a session

We propose to do a Twitterstorm (instructional wiki) to raise awareness about LOTE4 and also keep people active and engaged. We do need a trailer, ideally video; and the minisite needs an overhaul. Tentatively, we will do it in mid-September. @Noemi@Alberto and @SamMuirhead to coordinate on this.


regarding a video trailer, September will be very difficult for me as I’m travelling in France and finishing off two other projects. but keep me posted and I’ll see what is feasible. In October I have more time.

Too late

Thanks, Sam. October is too late, unfortunately: we will ask @NicoBis – maybe you can share some of the recent footage with him.