Help with UK AID grant application - Local NGO in Malawi

Hello everyone!

I posted in the campfire last month about the local NGO I am currently working with in rural Malawi.

We have recently started the UK AID’s SCCF grant application with the following project title…

Enhancing resilience in rural Malawi through sustainable livelihood initiatives

We aim to band our beekeeping, tailoring and agriculture project under one banner for this grant. The agricultural initiative has already been active for 3 years, and the other two branches of the project (tailoring, bees) have been fully budgeted and have key aims and outcomes addressed etc.

Malawi has about 20-22% of its population who are unemployed, and even those who are employed, usually informal employment linked to agriculture, attaining forms of value-added production is extremely hard; mainly due to the prevalence of Maize, Tobacco and other primary commodities.

There is more info about the SCCF here:

I was wondering if I could use this area of the forum to ask questions, and perhaps have people provide insights on how to answer specific questions in the grant; given that I’m working on it with very limited support.

I have support for the quantitative side, for budgets etc.

However, I do need support for the long winded qualitative side, for questions such as: “How will you address gender inequality issues with this project?”

If I provided the key information for certain questions, could some people, if they have time of course, chip in a little and help me get this done before April 30th?


Chris :smiley:


Hello @ChrisC, you are certainly welcome to use the forum in this way – it’s exactly how we intended it.

As what you need becomes clearer, we can also attempt to nudge some people here with the needed skills. But of course, then it’s up to each person to decide if, and how much, to chip in. Paging @johncoate and @noemi as senior community managers. :slight_smile:


Hi @ChrisC, hoping you’ll find the support you need - I can join you in a call/ online work session for a couple hours to look at some questions, not that I’ve won many proposals or have done similar projects!

Otherwise, maybe @gentlewest who’s coordinating volunteering education efforts in Cameroon might also have some ideas.

Let me know what would be the next steps,


“Tailoring” - you mean making clothes?

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Yes, a little like the NGO efforts your cousin is running in Burkina Faso.

Lots of potential for an female centered income generating scheme here in our local village. We already have a tailor ready to train local women, and they are keen to get started. Yet, as usual, we need some more funds.

Thanks for your response @noemi :slight_smile:

I’ll get back to you ASAP with the next steps!

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@clairedvn maybe…?

I think it will be interesting to work with them and contribute my ideas .