Schools and education in developing countries?



I’m wondering if there’re any people here working with, or talking about, software for schools and students?

More specifically, I’m thinking about tools that connects teachers and students, with a bit focus on developing countries — so the students can ask questions, and the teacher and oher students can reply and help each other. Like, question-answers for students, when they’re stuck with their homework. Or they can discuss new courses to create, or ways to improve their school.

Or if you know about places I can visit and find such people? I might have found one:

Or if you’d be interested in having such discussions here?


welcome to the community and yes, we are certainly interested in such a discussion.

Are you currently already working on a project? If yes it would be a great way to get started if you describe it so we can start the discussion and find the people who would like to get involved.

If you do not yet have started maybe you could still give some examples or questions just a bit more in detail, (maybe half a page and add a picture if you can, that helps us to share it via our channels to find people that way).

Thank you for being here!