Here we go: first H2020 application in the pipeline

After some signaling, it looks like Edgeryders is working on its first Horizon 2020 application. Credit for the idea goes to @bcpx. Anyone with strong application writing skills wants to support me in this?

I think Caroline was interested in this

ping @Caroline Paulick-Thiel!


Hi guys, sorry for being so silent the last weeks. I am in non-stop crisismanagement concerning my university. At the moment it can’t serve as a application partner. For more details, let’s skype.

Added silence

Likewise with me…but with funding applications and preparation for our caravans project.

From discussions on the Social Innovation Community call, the deadline is 2015. What call do you need help with writing applications?

if you feel

I can be of help in some way just let me know

Done this – next!

Thanks to all who replied here. The project is now submitted. @bcpx led the consortium, @ArthurD led the Edgeryders team, and I provided most of the content from the Edgeryders side. We learned new things about these processes, and think we could become a strong team in time through the usual process of sharing knowledge and documenting what we do.

The proposal is here.