Here's to new beginnings

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like the Edgeryders community enters 2014 with a sense of renewed purpose and hope. 2013 was a year of hard, often dodged work: we needed to lay the groundwork for realizing our vision. As a community, we figure things out together as we go, so even the vision is permanently under construction, though it does build on shared values and the determination to look truth in the eye, however unpleasant it might be. So, we got on with it: built a new platform for life after our spinoff from the Council if Europe: built a corporate vehicle for our projects; got the unMonastery off the ground; and managed to get together in real life as well as on the web, in the unforgettable Living On The Edge 3 event in Matera, Italy. 

New things are cooking up on all fronts: expect news very soon. 2014 is shaping up as the year we use all of this plumbing to make a difference, which was the idea from the start; and Nadia has explained clearly what we will do together and why it will work in the new year. Meanwhile, the wonderful [Sam Muirhead] has produced a beautiful, moving, sincere video on LOTE3: a great way to ramp up from the midwinter break into the new adventures that await. Stay strong, edgeryders, there is need of us all.


Its beautiful

What I really like about it is it really does reflect the attitude with which we are trying to do this thing. Especially the part about not pretending we have all the answers in advance. It’s an antidote to something that really put me off the advertising and mainstream consulting…The lack of intellectual integrity and respect for both the client and the people whom they wished to engage with. No matter how you try to wrap it in rhetoric about engagement and participation, reduction of human beings with all our complexities and capacity to passive consumers will never bring out the best in us.