Hey guys

Hey guys !
My name is Khawla Mahfoudhi , am new here and wanted to say Hello !
am tunisian , I’ve heard of edgeryders from a friend of mine @nassim ! and I was very intrigued , to be honest I still don’t get what it’s all about yet and I’d love you to help me with that
I have a background of Medicine , been in some entrepreneurial competitions , and now I feel that my cutting edge is just to pack my bag and go aimlessly ! and am scared and excited about it !


Hey @khawla1 … Welcome to Edgeryders

I am hazem, from Egypt, and was involved in the last openvillage prototype in Morocco. You can find more about what happened under Houses like @HadeerGhareeb’s latest write up on her 3 month stay in the house.

Currently we are trying to figure out a way to move forward with the idea of openvillage, learn from our mistakes, prepare a better process, and go out there and surf with others from the community like yourself, so will keep you informed here so you know when to jump in.

can I ask you where do you come from in Tunisia, and what was your experience with the “entrepreneurial competitions” that you took part in ? and if you are still into Medicine, or did you change your path completely or in process of doing so ? just to get to know you better

and Ramadan Kareem :smiley:

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Hey hazem ! nice to hear from you !
about the openvillage prototype in Morocco.I’d love to be part of it , it seems quiet fun
well I come from tunis the capital , I’ve quitted medicine for good last october ,after 4 years and since then I had some experience with "startup weekend " a competition about entrepreneurship , such as " the latest Global Startup Weekend Women " and I’ve been in the finals in Paris !