Hi from Braunschweig, Germany!

If you only have little time, this is what my Twitter [english/german] says:
Transformation agent. Vision builder & story teller. Designer, cynic, optimist. Loves vegan burgers & glowing things.

Hi, I’m Arved.

I grew up and live in Germany. When I was a child, I wanted to become an Inventor. I liked to build mechanisms and have all kinds of ideas. When I learned about carbon emissions I decided my first car will be an electric one. Now I’m 27, know about carsharing and the upcoming robotic cars, and don’t think I’ll ever own one.

The aforesaid Interests in having Ideas and creating led me to study industrial design. I finished the Bachelor with a coral science project and skills in process analysis, conception, crafting, prototyping and 3D-printing and various design techniques. I made a small Website with these projects.

Right now, apart from listening to many many of Science Fiction audiobooks, I’m involved in two startup-ish projects;
-growing a vegan leather alternative through microorganisms
-creating sense and jobs for homeless by co-creating and producing outdoor gear from industry leftovers.

These are examples of how I want to be a change agent for the transformation of society, towards sustainable ways of living. Others can be found in University. For learning how to do theses things better, I’m studying the Transformation Design Master at HBK Braunschweig. Whenever I feel like it, I make a blog post about this. In the last two semesters I was mostly interested in two areas, and can give an example each;

co-creating shared visions for preferred futures
Last semester, I worked out a workshop method. It gives Civic Designers (here: everyone making decisions that affect a group of other people) an understanding of the stakeholders needs, wants and fears. It also sensitizes the stakeholders for their options and their role in choosing between them.

In the first Semester, we envisioned post-fossil mobility concepts for a rural region right next to the Volkswagen HQ & factorys. My Group ended up with a fake version of the large german news magazine DER SPIEGEL, dated 2050. This magazine tells the story of how the region transformed into a great example for all kinds of bicycle mobility, to which people from all over the world come to learn. It does this by showing (fake) blog articles and letters from inhabitants as well as telling in detail about various small projects we imagined. When we were at the region’s parliament, we had one conservative stating the impossibility of our ideas, and several others from all different partys pronouncing their liking of thinking in visions instead of small day-to-day decisions. This was a great experience, and maybe more things will come that way.

But I can’t wait.

This Semester now, I and two other students cooperate with someone who bought an old lime plant and wants to transform it to a center for traditional crafts, permaculture, transdisciplinary projects and general happiness. He’s working on this for years, and we’d like to boost this by creating some kind of event to grow the community. At the moment, we are working on a concept for the event and its communication.

this leads me to the last point; why I am here

I’m not only looking for Inspiration for the current project, I’d love to become part of a network of like-minded-professionals. Also, as the end of my studies approaches, I’m trying to find out where I can do all these things I love and make a living from it, without selling my soul. So when I met @susa at the dgtf design conference last weekend, and she told me about this network, I was eager to join

Thats it for now. Thanks for reading. I’m agog what happens next.


Hello @coloursinside! A warm welcome from me. Wow, @susa must have painted a very rosy portrait of what we do! We’ll try to live up to it.

Your startup-ish projects sound interesting and relevant. Shout out to @hazem and @matthias: could you guys use someone like Arved? Arved: ER is spinning out the Open Village Academy, a very strange prototype of a thing-to-be. I think of it as a collective home which also functions as a patient, peer-to-peer incubator for small businesses. The prototype will take place in Essaouira, Morocco, January-April 2018. Info: MENA OpenVillage Academy (Extended deadline!). Maybe you could consider applying?

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hello and welcome Arved @coloursinside

As @alberto mentioned your timing is perfect, as we are now moving towards experimenting in Morocco an openvillage node where we will live and work together for a while.

If you are interested you can join us either with one of your own projects, you can write more about them :smiley: they seem quit in line with what people do around here, or as an industrial designer, you can join Matthias in designing the coffee sorter project for example.

by the way we are having a community call tomorrow Wednesday at 18:00 CET at this google hangout and @winnieponcelet will probably be there to talk about the openinsulin project, this could be interesting to you as you seem to be working on another biohacking project.

I like the idea of storytelling and future news, actually @nadia used this method in a workshop with the participants in a workshop in Egypt during the futurespotters project, and it was really nice to read the results. Also check this small piece by @matthias on the future of openvillage :smiley:

btw I am hazem,from Egypt, currently in Berlin, been part of this community for about 4 years now, and I think you will find a lot of interesting stuff here in edgeryders as this is mainly, as you described it, a community of “transformation/change agents”


Hi @coloursinside nice to meet you! I’m also working with biodegradable material alternatives as part of Magma Nova. We’re taking an open and community based approach to research and product design in this field. Would love to exchange thoughts at some point.

Hi Arved, welcome to our home on the internets :slight_smile:

The vegan leather and lime plant projects sound really interesting. How far ahead are you in the processes?

Hey everyone,
thanks form the warm welcome! This already lets me feel a lot more at home here.
By now, I had another look around, left a few comments and likes here and there, and feel I’m more up-to-date on what happens.

Morocco also sounds like a great reality lab and a nice place and time to be. I’m not sure if I can apply though, because of family matters over here. We’ll see. If it doesn’t work I suppose I can still meet you someplace else, like Brussels.

I’d like to help, I already commented in the thread.

Yes, this is so great!

Right now the lime plant is the most pressing one. We’re rather at the beginning of our “boosting” project, but we’re planning to have some kind of event in february/march. In the preparation of this, we want to communicate a vision of what it might become. For this, your thoughts about the Reef contain great thoughts. Especially the OpenVillage text of @matthias is very similar to what I had in mind - content and form. But I’ll write an extra post for this, whil will be more in-depth.

I opened the link, but if I understood it correctly the main article is in arabic? I couldn’t find a translation, or did not recognize it as such.
And when you say future news method, do you have or refer to a kind of documentation for the method? I’d be very much interested in reading about a systematic approach, since mine is very intuitive at this point.

Yes, this looks nice! Would be great to exchange / team up.

I’m terribly sorry I missed this one. I’ve seen you’ve done this on wed 18:00 before, is this a regular thing? because then I’d try to join the next one.

Yes, it’s regular (or nearly regular). So today would be the next one if I’m not mistaken. Welcome to join if you have the opportunity.

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sorry kinda missed this notification, thanks @matthias , yes its kinda regular at least till the end of December @coloursinside every week at the same time at the same google hangout

I’d love to, but I’ll be at a local award ceremony at exactly that time. next week week I’ll be driving home for christmas, so I guess i’tll have to wait til next year. but then I will join your hangout!

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