Hi people

My name is Beata, I live and work in Brussels. The area of my interests is around: landscape planning, law, resource based economy, new projects regarding new technologies and so on. I’m a contributor to several non profit-social-open source projects and through that experience I realised that in last few years many different and similar projects regarding innovation, sharing ideas, open source, creating communities, alternative strategies, collective evolution, social-economical transition, resource based economy – and so on.

Discussing with people proved to me that many people realized the need of a change, thinking critically, skeptically and scientifically.



Welcome again, @Beata_Guzik. I look forward to more common discussion (and action).

You told me that you are involved in Yunity, that seems culturally not too distant from Edgeryders. Maybe you could tell us more about them? Do you envision any possibility of collaboration?

Hope to meet you in Brussels.

Hi Beata,

Are you doing work as a professional or a volunteer? Some of the people here are trying to end the cycle of endless volunteering in open source projects.

Yunity looks great, congrats to your team for the extensive work on food sharing and hacking the legalese behind it. Any advice to share about making supermarkets donate food rather than throw it away?