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In this session we tried to make the case for Edgeryders – both in the sense of the community and the company – to be a way to augment the ability of individual community members to make a living while doing things that they are interested in doing (see the session abstract).

The session consisted of:

  • [Alberto] making a presentation of what the community and the company can contribute to each individual's projects;
  • [Nadia] on the fine art of deal closing;
  • an experiment of taking a project [CommonFutures] is currently involved in and wrapping it into the Edgeryders community and skillset.

Here are the slides from Alberto’s talk:

Here are the slides from Nadia’s talk:

Edgeryders LOTE3 Session : Hiring yourself through edgeryders,

Here are the slides from Annemarie’s talk:

Finaly, here is the experiment:

Problem: how to build UK datacoops. A datacoop is a way to share and process business data. Datacoops are useful to charities, cooperatives and other socially oriented orgs to do business intelligence in a way that allows them to compete on an equal footing with private business. It is an alternative to open data, perceived as bad because they would turn over business intelligence to private sector companies.

Pain point: people in the social sector in the UK don’t get digital. Many even hate digital, perceived as a polar opposite to “helping people” even if it helps them to do their job better and faster.


Activity Skillset Who has it?
Getting buy-in from the decision makers in cooperatives That breaks down into the three subactivities coming next:  
Demonstrating a case Following a charity using data awareness to improve what they do. Needs: data analysis skills; communication/storytelling skills. Warning: IT tends to be legacy in these orgs, prepare for messiness! Data: Rysiek, Smari, the Italians in Spaghetti Open Data. Storytelling: Dougald, Vinay, Chris Brewster
Finding 5 early adopters Needs: Knowledge of the kind of target organization – being plugged into that particular space Bridget, Anne-Marie
Designing a data model for data exchange With XML or JSON you can go a long way, as long as you design an intelligible data model. Data: Rysiek, Smari, the Italians in Spaghetti Open Data.
Designing a legal framework You need a customized license for data that is "just open enough". Need data legal skills. OKFN!
Driving adoption Resharing the content on the Internet, getting more people to sign off to it. Engagement/communication skills on the web. Many people! See the Twitterstorm.

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Unstructured session notes

The oganisation registered in the UK by Edgeryders, a “corporation”, is a Not For Profit, and is primarily for making the interaction between Edgeryders ( individually and/or collectively) and the

“centre” simpler for the centre and more profitable for Edgeryders.

Community principally, corporate minimally, corporate for the centre

Q: Do things have to go through the corporation? A: No. It’s not about the corporation it’s about the community.  You, we, don’t need the corporation to be able to do what we want. It’s people who want to collaborate or interact with us in professional contexts that may need it.

Q: At what point do you engage with the corporation, the legal bit of a project? A: You can run your project on the Edgeryders platform without ever interacting with the corporate sturcture. Many, ideally most, projects and initiatives will never touch the corporation. The corporation is for when you decide you need it, for example if you want to work on a project or with a client that requires a corporate vehicle. There isnt a set of rules for which projects go through the corporation. Just ping @edgeryders and or email arthur@edgeryders.eu and we’ll figure it out togethe

Talk early to the community, invite community support and participation by posting the project an the interaction around making it happen on the platform. The “corporation” will be ready and willing to help when the community deems it necessary.

This not about perfect agreement,

It is about mutual support/reinforcement

It is about making sure that you can safely stay and prosper at the edge.

We are NOT a subsidiary of Scientology …

How to get a project going on Edgeryders? When you sound out an idea to a group or a collective and after discussion, the idea/concept/proposal changes shape or goes through slight tweaks and becomes more comprehensible. Suddenly that initial idea feels like what they were getting at, it has gone through the community or group.

The online platform can be used as a means to sound out proposals before they go into a professional presentations outwards. A few steps to get started:

  1. Set up a group on the platform
  2. Write a project description basically saying: 
    • I want to do: add what you want to do here
    • Because: add why you want to do it here
    • Resources: add what you can put into making it happen right now- can be social, coding skills etc
    • Steps involved: break down process of making it happen into steps with set outcomes and add them here- if you don't know how to realise this, perhaps you can ask community members how you can realise the project as a starting point for a conversation.
  3. Break the parts of getting the project done into tasks (use functionality in group urls) with a link to where you have done part of the work involved, and estimate of time involved to realise the rest (people are happier to help if they see you have at least done some of the work yourself). 

Tweet @edgeryders with a call for action and a link to your edgeryder.eu project url