How can blogposts serve as good windows into Edgeryders community and introduction to it's members?

What do you guys think, what makes a good blog and how could we incentivise one another to share the responsibility of building an awsome and heavily subscribed Edgeryders blog?

The four kinds of blogposts which I think are especially useful both p2p between community members and for others to find and have a nice way of starting to engage with the community:

  1. The trials and tribulations of building a new kind of organisation:
  2. New tools and processes to discover: Part of the point of ER is for us to help one another be smarter and more effective together. It's hard to keep track of all the new things out there so posts which contain a curated selection of useful tools and processes are a nice resource and draws interest from a very broad range of readers. Especially if it's well tagged as you point out with the tweets.
  3. Meet the Edgeryder: Last year we did a series in which we would introduce the world to a member of the community and what they do/ are currently very interested in. The post were written p2p, i.e. I pick a community member and write something about them and they pick another member and write about them. Like a carousel. The advantage being that it's a nice way also for community members to discover and get to know one another and it makes us feel seen and appreciated when someone shines a light on us. 
  4. (Making a) living on the Edge: This is a series that has somehow changed shape. In ER 1 we had the mission called the quest for paid work for which Chris Pinchen did filmed interviews and blogposts about how people are making a living outside the mainstream. Then the Mission Baltic initiative came along and we got reflections like Dougald, Christopher, Alek, Caroline and others about the interesting green shoots springing up at the intersections of occupation, new forms of democratic participation and innovation. This series was curated into a book (the visual design is less than awsome, with a new cover and some editing it will be a pretty awsome). Then it became more focused on fostering collaboration to help one another making a living on the edge ahead of \#LOTE3.

`Maybe revising some or more of these and posting new material that links to older, but still highly relevant, material most people have not discovered might be a good approach. I would like to engage the communityn in especially the second series. Noemi do you remember where we put the instructions for writing the meet the Edgeryder/Edgeryders series? Maybe we could re-use them for a new round?

How about you? Any ideas for how to build the ER blog into a really useful and appreciated resource together?