How can we dare to fail more ? #workshop proposal for LOTE5

When talking about profound innovation or transformation, avoiding failure is refusing the critical conditions for success. Failure is an unmissable learning tool, but many of us have been taught that failing is something to be avoided at all costs. So when we face obstacles, we may prefer to avoid them, we u-turn, losing chances to discover new possibilities and most importantly advance.

We need to train our audacity muscles in order to accept failure and to leverage it at our advantage. Unfortunately, it’s more difficult that we think, because our brain does not like uncertainty and risks. It likes to imprison us in a “comfort zone”. Stepping out of it is essential for learning, improving and progressing in our lives.

Imagine having a sailboat, but you can’t deploy the sails. What can it serve when you have to row to your destination ? To me a good life is accelerating and braking at the right moments, getting out of our comfort zone and coming back when we feel swamped. There are a multitude of inspiring people that show courage when they consistently step out of their comfort zone on a regular basis, day in and day out.  How do they do it ?

A new branch of psychology gives us some incredibly fascinating insights : we need a shift in mindsets, a system of beliefs that profoundly affects your thoughts and behaviours. Changing a mindset can determine our success and happiness in life. It can even increase our lifespan of 8 years!

When we learn the right way to respond to challenges:

  • Stress becomes Excitement
  • Obstacles become Opportunities
  • Fears become Energy
  • Uncertainty fuels Innovation

If you prefer to turn around, do nothing, complain or get angry when you face challenges in your life, this workshop is not for you. If you’d love to learn how audacity can be fostered, please join us and let’s share our wisdom.

This workshop will be divided in two parts:

  • In the first one, we’ll explore what audacity and courage are and what they are not, why fears exist and how can we leverage them to our advantage, the relationship in-between uncertainty and security and why a good balance is necessary for innovation and creativity, the psychology of mindsets and how they influence on our lives, how our human needs shape our decisions, the psychology of motivation and desire, and how to leverage failure as a tool, and most importantly the best way we can respond to stress in our lives.
  • In the second part, we will leverage a collective intelligence process (defined according to the audience size) to design and envision new ways to leverage the audacity of world change agents at a very large scale.

On a side note, this workshop is not new age mumbo jumbo. I have a degree in Neuroscience, and what I will share is completely backed by science. I’m participating in the launch of a Brussel’s community called DareDo, that has the goal of fostering audacity in everyday lives. We also want to make self-coaching accessible to the widest possible public. Pierre, who will lead the second part of the workshop is co-founder of DareDo and of the European Centre for Collective Intelligence.

We think that everybody has the right to live a good life, having positive impact on the people around us. Waking up every morning feeling energised. If everyone can offer the best versions of themselves, our world will become a much better place. Jobs will make us come alive, communities will care for each other, innovation and creativity will not be obstructed anymore.

Let’s do it together!


Date: 2016-02-26 14:30:00 - 2016-02-26 14:30:00, Europe/Berlin Time.


So guys this is just a basic proposal. The event could be 1h our 2h long. 2h would give more space to an actual open innovation workshop in the second part, rather than just a discussion. I’m also very flexible with timing, so it doesn’t have to be really on Thursday and during the time-slot I proposed.

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Made you a flyer

Thanks a lot Nadia, that’s very kind of you !

I’ll throw it out on social media in the morning

Especially with the visual that should draw some attention. Keep an eye on Fuckup Nights Brussels page :wink:

What are your needs :slight_smile:

Hey Daniel!

Will you use a projector/need something else? Pens and papers? Roaring lions?


Hey Kira, I just saw your message now. Projector would be great as I plan to use slides for my part of the presentation (45min). Pens and papers would be a welcome support! See you Friday! thanks for the help :wink: