How do we build and maintain a community calendar?

Task: Fill in the dates for the core team and then ask people one by one to add their information. Repeartonce every month ( through monthly reminder post + headline in the daily count on me list the first week of every month!)

Call to action #1: Let’s make our worlds bigger!

There are worlds invisible to the anglocentric Internet, and we need to help one another to break out of our filter-bubbles. Why? Because creativity is combinatorial and we never know who or what will inspire us, or where new opportunites are to be found.

Until we come up with a  simple, and low budget way to maintain a community calendar of calendar of interesting events (with hashtags) that community members are involved or interested in.

This enables the Edgeryders Social Media Team to:

1. Give community members’ talks, workshops, events and calls for action more social media visibility

  1. Adapt status updates to current events and what’s on the news, and use popular hashtags that will get them a lot more visibility.

Do you know of any big happenings where you are based in the world? Know of interesting events coming up that others in the community should check out? Are you hosting a workshop or doing a keynote somewhere? Add 3 important international, local and your own events on our shared Communication Calendar.