How to do skill mapping for collaborations

Hey Guys,

We want to ensure that the OpenVillage Academy has outputs that help to build and sustain generative outcomes for everyone concerned. Part of this is to figure out what resources we have direct access to “here and now” amongst participants - so we can do a good job of matching people with the right skills and interests with relevant projects.

BUT this is a sensitive topic, especially for people who are still searching, or not at all confident about their respective abilities. When you are young and just starting out - you may not have had opportunities to discover what you really could be good at. Hopefully your one-on-one call will help you with figuring this out, but here’s a list Matthias put together as a starting point…

    3D Modeling
    Banner Design
    Business Card Design
    CI Design
    Corporate Design
    Flyer Design
    Game Design
    Graphic Design
    Infographic Design
    Logo Design
    Photo Retouching
    Presentation Design
    Print Design
    Vector Graphic Design
    Web Design
    Other - Design

    Adwords Campaign Management
    Blog Post Writing
    Marketing Consulting
    Newsletter Writing
    Press Release Writing
    Search Engine Optimization
    Social Media Marketing
    Other - Marketing

    Technical Writing
    Text Translation
    Other - Language

Software Development
    ASP.NET Development
    Android App Development
    AngularJS Development
    CakePHP Development
    CodeIgniter Development
    Desktop Software Development
    Django Development
    Drupal Development
    Joomla Development
    MS Access Development
    Machine Learning
    MySQL Development
    Node.js Development
    PostgreSQL Development
        C Programming
        C# Programming
        Erlang Programming
        Java Programming
        JavaScript Programming
        PHP Programming
        Python Programming
        Ruby Programming
        Scala Programming
        Swift Programming
        Other - Programming
    Ruby On Rails Development
    TYPO3 Development
    UI/UX Review
    Web Development
    Web Usability Testing
    WordPress Development
    iPhone App Development
    Other - Software Development

    Linux System Administration
    Network Administration
    Web Research
    Windows System Administration
    Other - IT

Business Development
    Business Consulting
    Business Planning
    Project Management
    Startup Consulting
    Other - Business Development

    Audio Editing
    Explainer Video
    PSD to HTML
        360° Panoramic Tour
        Aerial Photography
        Animal Photography
        Baby Photography
        Business Photography
        Child Photography
        Company portraits
        Event Photography
        Family Photography
        Food Photography
        Interior / Real estate
        Photography Workshops
        Portrait Photography
        Product Photography
        Sport Photography
        Wedding Photography
        Other - Photography
    Video Editing
    Video Subtitling
    Other - Multimedia

Finance & Law
    Financial Consulting
    Legal Consulting
    Legal Writing
    Tax Preparation
    Other - Finance & Law
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