How to engage people in transitioning the UK to renewable energy?

I came across this RFP from the UK Energy Systems Catapult which may be of interest to Edgeryders.

If I’ve understood it correctly, they want somebody to suggest how research about how the UK can transition to renewable energy can be better communicated. They are looking for ways in which “the energy community can map out transition pathways towards key milestones in the future of the energy sector. [Its structure should] promote effective collaboration across the energy sector and allow members to engage constructively in the development of transition pathways and the production of coherent recommendations”

Energy systems transition, communications and these collaborative ‘co-design’ processes are both topics of particular interest to me, but I feel that I lack the track record to be selected for something on as large a scale as this. They are specifically encouraging collaborative bids though, and it would be something I would love to be part of. Is anybody interested in bidding for this with me?

(p.s. apologies if this post is in the wrong place, I’m still finding my way around…)

Sounds great

Wow @orangejon, you remembered our open call for partnerships, I’m impressed!

Thanks for suggesting this, and as I understand the question now is finding experts in the field to accompany us, as we can only take the role of community partners.

Would Chris Foster and his consultancy at EuGeos be suited I wonder? Or maybe he knows more people. Remember we met him at OSCEDays in Sibiu? Anyway, I’m super grateful for the idea.


I’ve sent an email to Chris, and chased up my friend from Zero Carbon Britain. I’ll let you know if I hear anything back. It would be wonderful to get the opportunity to work with you @Noemi :slight_smile:

Right place!

Good work, @orangejon! Thanks.

The place is right. If this becomes a project we will create a group on Edgeryders, but for now a post here is OK.

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