How to host a Facebook live video for 2 or 4 people (great for community calls)

How to host a Facebook live video on Edgeryders Facebook page if you wish to have 2 or more people in the same screen.

Why you should do this?

Recording gets stored on the Facebook page, all fans get an notification that the page went live. They can join via comments and engage with the videos.

How to do this?

Create a free account on (up to 5 shows per month, rest is paid).

Pick create a new broadcast. Select solo, interview (2 people), or a talk show (4 people).

Pick your Facebook page on which this will be hosted. Copy guest invitation link (live cannot start untill your co-host joins).

Note: on a smartphone this service will trigger downloading an app, when accessed via desktop it wont.

Go live and enjoy! :slight_smile:

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On Edgeryders? You mean here or on Edgeryders facebook page?

why do it like this and not via facebook live itself? Is it easier?

I created this manual once:

Should have been more specific. This is easier for events with co-hosts (so at least 2 people, max 4). For 1 sure, you just go live

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Yep. on Facebook page of Edgeryders

Ah that’s great!