How to use Edgeryders as a tool for your (research) project

Hello, dear community,

This platform can be many things to many people.
You can find semi secret food events and places, Manual for distributed collaboration, discussions about smart city policies and AI, as well as pressure cookers.

And a whole team of amazing ethnographers and coders reading and mapping all of it!

We want to encourage you to use that to your advantage and use Edgeryders as a discussion platform for your project.

Recently we tested this with the collective intelligence incubator, developing the proposal with full transparency. The Edgeryders team also helped with setting up and documenting regular calls for the proposal team and connecting them with people with experience in writing H2020 proposals.

@BlackForestBoi wants to continue the collective intellegence incubator project using this platform as the main discussion centre, including community members and experts and enthusiast from inside and outside.

In discussing and planning that the issue of the platform structure and the whish for subtopic of subtopics came up. Our tagging system can be used to sort posts into topics and access them like folder structures, but having to explain that to new collaborators joining can be a necessary hurdle.

Therefore we want to discuss here what you guys think the platform is already giving you to use for the development of your projects, and what you would need to use it more effectively as well as your ideas on how to solve those challenges.

For example:

@matthias and @hugi, do you have an idea of how to solve the subtopic problem fo the collective intelligence project? @BlackForestBoi, could specify your needs here so we can discuss them together?


Unfortunately you can’t have a sub-subtopic in Discourse.

Indeed Discourse does not have sub-topics, but it has plenty of other mechanisms to provide structure. Here’s a proposal for using them appropriately in this case:

We can provide a new, project-specific sub-category inside the Workspaces category. That usually is enough to keep all the topics of one project close enough together for people to find them (again) easily. Esp. since Discourse has a great search function that defaults to searching in the current category when using it on a category page.

If that’s not enough, then project mentors can support user navigation with a pinned topic that gives a kind of “table of contents” with links to other topics in the category. Or applying tags as proposed by @MariaEuler – since it would not be demanded from topic authors, there’s nothing much to explain.

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