Edgeryders South Africa <p>As a nation reborn South Africa, and everyone involved in building its future, are in a unique position of both learning from and contributing to the experiments of people trying to build a better tomorrow together. The aims of this workshop is to connect the green new shoots acting in the local scene with one another and with their edgeryding peers in other parts of the world. And to surface opportunities for collaboration between them which generate value for everyone involved.</p> <p>Every member of this group shares responsibility for creating the means to make things happen, and if needed can use the<a href="/t/edgeryders-as-social-enterprise-what-you-can-do-with-it/1044"> Edgeryders Social Enterprise</a> to do so. This is a feature not a bug: At Edgeryders we are experimenting with new ways of getting things done and collaborating on a massive scale. So if we can we do better than “Business as usual” together, we will be contributing towards not only our own ability to generate change together, but open new avenues for others.</p> <p>How to get started? Read and leave comments on the posts by other members of this group below!</p> OSCE Days <p>The Open Source Circular Economy Days is an open and globally distributed event on Open Source for a Circular Economy. Activists and experts from open source hardware, software, data, design, waste management, resource management and the collaborative economy will work together, globally connected, in order to develop, exchange and prototype ideas for an Open Source Circular Economy.</p> <p>What is an Open Source Circular Economy? Read the <a href="">Mission Statement</a>.</p> Software (General) <p>A not project specific workspace where you can ask for help with the Edgeryders website, Matrix server or our other software. Or help develop it with your feedback or code.</p> <p>Please use our <a href="/c/workspaces/software-ssna">Software (SSNA)</a> category for anything related to our tools Open Ethnographer and Graphryder. Please post issue reports and feature requests directly to <a href="">our issue tracker</a> on Github.</p> <p>Currently, <a class="mention" href="/u/matthias">@matthias</a> heads our support and development efforts.</p> Using the Future <h2>Using the Future is an experimental initiative organised by Unesco in collaboration with Edgeryders</h2> <p><em>This project took place in the summer and fall of 2014</em></p> <p>Participants contribute thought leadership articles to one or more learning goals for Using the Future and meet to discuss the contents over a series of 5 video-conferences lasting 1 hour. The articles and discussions are documented and curated into a digital publication as a foundation for future collaborations and partnerships. Everyone participates on volunteer basis as a shared investment into developing new knowledge and opportunities to do interesting, meaningful work together.</p> <h3>How you can participate:</h3> <p><strong>As a Curator: </strong>This is an opportunity to reflect on lessons learned from the bleeding edge of different fields, as well as how they apply to your work and organisation.<em> </em><em>Time commitment: 11 hours spread over preparing and participating in 6 virtual meetings scheduled in advance.</em></p> <p><strong>As a Contributor:</strong> To prepare we invite you to share relevant experiences and lessons learned from your work and life in the form of an article of no more than 2000 words for publication on <a href=""></a>. It does not need to be original content, we only ask that it is relevant to the topic for that week. This is a good opportunity to shape and be involved in novel collaborations emerging out of the conversation.<em> </em><em>Time commitment: don’t spend more than a couple of hours on the article if you don’t already have one that can be edited down to below 1500 words.</em></p> <p><strong>As a Partner organisation: </strong>You get to position yourself at the center of a global interdisciplinary conversation and collaborations with a broad range of stakeholders. Regardless of how you wish to be involved we ask that you/your organisation starts by following the usinthefuture twitter and sharing 1-3 status updates/day.<em> Contact for more information on partnership opportunities.</em></p> <p>To get started just register an account for yourself <a href="/en/user/register">here</a>, and then post your contributions in this group (<a href="/using-the-future)"></a>).</p> <p><em>P.s. Our Terms of Use, legals and Privacy statement are available <a href="/en/edgeryders-dev/user-manual#legals">here</a>.</em></p> <p>Logo and flyer design by Ola Möller for Edgeryders.</p> LOTE2 “Spinning Off” <p>Living On The Edge 2 (<span class="hashtag">#LOTE2</span>) was a gathering of the Edgeryders community in December 2012 in Brussels. This is where we as the Edgeryders community decided to stick together and become a self-reliant spin-off of what started as a project by the Council of Europe in 2011.</p> <p>This group contains all the organizational discussions and the documentation from LOTE2.</p> Hatchery <p>A not project specific workspace for projects and initiatives that do not have their own workspace category. This applies to all new ones until they become active, revenue generating projects – or until they become too large to host them in this category, whichever comes first.</p> <p>We recommend that projects inside this category use their own <code>project-{projectname}</code> tag to keep their content together. Tags allow to subscribe to them (you can change notification levels just as with categories), which solves how to get updates about selected projects only.</p> Outreach & Dissemination <p>A not project specific workspace for the Edgeryders media team! If you’re active on Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn and have (or would like to learn) social media marketing skills, you landed in the right spot!</p> <p>Over the years we have learned how to coordinate the work of spreading updates and act as a distributed social media powerhouse. We know it generates <a href="/t/id/2048">much more excitement</a> than using just a few official community channels. So if you are up for learning to work together and be part of this, get in touch!</p> <h3>Tasks available to this team</h3> <ul> <li>Join the <a class="hashtag" href="">#<span>countonme</span></a> mailing list to spread daily news</li> <li>Prepare social media headlines for 1 week</li> <li>Create and send the weekly newsletter</li> <li>Craft tweets for twitter conferences ahead of major events</li> <li>Create a template for conference invitations</li> <li>Build database with relevant media</li> <li>Graphic Design</li> <li>Subtitling videos</li> <li>Translation</li> <li>… or add a new task if you want to contribute with something else!</li> </ul> <p>Post in any topic here to instantly become part of the team. And please create a topic to introduce yourself <img src="" title=":slight_smile:" class="emoji" alt=":slight_smile:"></p> Guide to the Future <p>Workspace of the “original” Edgeryders project with Council of Europe, in 2011-2012. Where we developed the “Edgeryders Guide to the Future” manual about the state and innovative life choices and lifestyles of European youth in a time of crisis and precarity.</p> <p>This is only for organizational content. See tag <a class="hashtag" href="">#<span>project-edgeryders-coe</span></a> to see all content of this project.</p> Communication Agency <p>A new kind of agency for the bleeding edge.</p> Edgeryders at CCC <p>Edgeryders like the annual CCC event in Hamburg, Germany. Here, we organize how we go there together. For example, we had an assembly space at 32C3, and one year even ran an alternative congress (with video feed from the real one) because we could not get enough tickets <img src="/images/emoji/twitter/smile.png?v=6" title=":smile:" class="emoji" alt=":smile:"></p> <p>During <a href="">32C3</a> in 2015, Edgeryders has run an assembly space. We hosted conversations about mapping what people are doing, which parts of the puzzle of well being they are contributing to, and how to support one another’s work.</p> <p>What’s happening in this category:</p> <ul> <li>everyone who wants to participate in building our activities during CCC events meets here</li> <li>we publish documentation during the event</li> <li>we reconnect and continue to collaborate after the Congress</li> </ul> Software (SSNA) <p>A not project specific workspace for announcements, support and development for Edgeryders’ stack of custom-made semantic social network analysis (SSNA) software.</p> <p>This software suite consist of the following tools:</p> <h2>1. Open Ethnographer</h2> <p>The online ethnography tool “Open Ethnographer”, which we use here on <a href=""></a>.</p> <p><strong>What’s this?</strong> Open Ethnographer is a software to add ethnographic coding right into live online content. It is an open source plug-in for Drupal, and we use it to add semantic markup to <a href=""></a> content, empowering both our ethnographic research, website visitor’s navigation and discovery, and semantic search engines. Open Ethnographer is developed by the Edgeryders LbG company, with the support of the Rockefeller Foundation.</p> <p><strong>What’s innovative?</strong> In contrast to existing <a href="">QDA software</a>, semantic markup (“coding”) is not inserted into an offline copy of the online conversation, but right into the live content. This preserves the context, enabling extended analysis later. In addition, the semantic markup can be created collaboratively, the saved coding effort allowing more detailed research later. Lastly, the semantic markup can be public, enhancing the original author’s content with semantic web integration “for free”. We believe this innovation to have potentially disruptive applications for how ethnography is done and what role it plays in societal advancement – see also <a href="/t/id/3364">our more detailed explanation</a>.</p> <p><strong>This project is open!</strong> Which means, you are invited to browse through our project workspace below, contribute to the discussion, to software development, and of course to using the free and open source software application when it’s ready (about end of 2015-01). Core documents and tools for collaborating here:</p> <ul> <li> <p><strong><a href="/t/id/578">Project workspace</a>.</strong> You are already there <img src="/images/emoji/twitter/slight_smile.png?v=6" title=":slight_smile:" class="emoji" alt=":slight_smile:"> Our project home and central discussion space. Core documents:</p> <ul> <li><a href="/t/id/3902">Project plan</a></li> <li><a href="/t/id/3903">Prototype Evaluation</a></li> <li><a href="/t/id/3904">Software requirements</a></li> <li><a href="/t/id/3905">Software design</a></li> <li><a>paid tasks and how to collaborate</a></li> <li><a href="/t/id/3939">Manual</a></li> </ul> </li> <li> <p><strong><a href="">Hackpad workspace</a>.</strong> For drafting / co-writing texts, which are then later transferred to this project here on <a href=""></a>.</p> </li> <li> <p><strong><a href="">Github repository and issue tracker</a>.</strong> Contains Annotator and its two Drupal integration modules that we use as base software as git subtrees. See <a href="/t/id/3939">the manual</a> for how to deal with them.</p> </li> </ul> <h2>2. Graphryder</h2> <p>This is an interactive dashboard to explore and analyse <a href="">semantic social networks</a>. You interact with it with the browser. Developed in the course of the <a href="/c/opencare">OpenCare</a> project by the University of Bordeaux and Edgeryders.</p> <p>More on the <a href="">Github repository</a></p> <h2>3. Edgesense</h2> <p><em>Note that we Intend to make Graphryder take over the functions of this tool in the medium term.</em></p> <p>Edgesense is a social network analysis tool, which we use here on <a href=""></a>. It uses network analysis techniques to map relationships in online communities in near-real time – think Google Analytics, but for relationships between users. A prototype of this software has been used to perform a network analysis of the first Edgeryders community.</p> <div class="lazyYT" data-youtube-id="HqDRcSSo6bY" data-youtube-title="Edgesense Demo" data-width="480" data-height="270" data-parameters="feature=oembed&amp;wmode=opaque"></div> <p>This project was initiated by <a class="mention" href="/u/alberto">@alberto</a> and various collaborators – some of them Edgeryders. It has since morphed in a component of a EU project called <a href="">CATALYST</a>. Since January 2015, Edgeryders officially partners up with CATALYST to test two of their tools, Edgesense and Assembl (<a href="/t/id/426">learn more</a>).</p> <h2>4. Assembl</h2> <p><em>Note that we only tested this tool for a time – we don’t actively use or develop it right now.</em></p> <p>A data science tool that allows you to exercise your skills as community manager, researcher or social networks enthusiast. Next to Edgesense, it is the second of the <a href="">CATALYST</a> tools that Edgeryders is testing since the start of our official partnership in January 2015 (<a href="/t/id/426">learn more</a>).</p> <p>We want to see if they can help us better make sense of big conversations between networked citizens. The ultimate goal? Harness the knowledge into social innovation and real world impact.</p> Future Makers <p>Where we work together with UNDP and UNV on the Future Makers Global project.</p> LOTE5 “Fail / Unfail” <p>This is where the magic of building the Living on the Edge 5 event happened.</p> <p>Background: this space builds on the discussions around <a href="/t/towards-lote5-two-great-proposals-and-a-problem-how-do-we-move-forward/4518">different proposals from community</a> and takes fully on the proposal still standing - an unconference based on FuckUp nights and fuckup moods and failure as main theme. “We commit ourselves to the art of being wrong and of openly talking about failure” – <a class="mention" href="/u/ireinga">@ireinga</a> in Brussels (<a href="/t/brussels-fuckupmoods-lote-5/4491">learn more</a>).</p> OPEN&Change <p>A group where we make progress to build a massive funding application for MacArthur’s Foundation call.</p> <p><a href="/en/op3ncare-community-groupnode/welcome-to-openandchange-care-an">In short</a> | <a href="">In full</a></p> <p>Our guiding process:</p> <p><img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/1/1d7ac554b832a54e63f0b7d909b5e8b9d77a869d.jpeg" width="666" height="500"></p> Spot the Future Belarus <p>This project prototyped a “slow-motion” version of the Spot The Future methodology in Belarus. With UNDP Belarus as a client, the project ran from August to December 2014 and is now finished. The materials generated and conversations had remain available and accessible from the Edgeryders platform.</p> LOTE6 “OpenVillage Festival” <p>LOTE6 “The OpenVillage Festival” happens 19-21 October 2017 in Brussels</p> <p>And this is where it’s organized. We are making the good life happen for us in the post-industrial economy. Meet the people who are doing it already. Learn how to do it. Build it together.</p> <details> <summary> Show more</summary> <h2>A Unique Experience</h2> <p>We will have several roles: session leaders, curators, support team. But not spectators.<br> We will have diverse kinds of activities: Project Talks and Panels to get on the same page, Fishbowls/ Workshops/ Masterclasses to dive deep, Co-design Sprints and work-together sessions to transform knowledge into outcomes. Not least, self-organised evening sessions will fill up the schedule.</p> <p>The event is designed to: encourage maximum manageable diversity of participants in a process engineered to ensure respectful and constructive interaction between everyone involved.</p> <h2>Themes</h2> <p>How do we take care of one another as welfare models and systems are failing us? The program is curated to cover community questions and areas of inquiry which have emerged over the last 18 months of conversations, workshops, project collaborations. Each theme approaches care provision from a different angle and includes several sessions in-the-making.</p> <ol> <li> <p><strong>Open Science and Citizen Science for more inclusive healthcare</strong></p> <p>How are people all over the world using open knowledge, open source hardware and software solutions to meet care needs? What are we learning about citizens helping advance groundbreaking research?</p> <p><strong>Curated by Winnie Poncelet</strong> (Reagent, Ekoli, Open Insulin global). A mix of engineer, biologist, entrepreneur and storyteller. Works to render science and technology more accessible to diverse groups, including the traditionally marginalized.</p> </li> <li> <p><strong>Architectures of Love: Creating the conditions for open care</strong></p> <p>We’re collecting deep insights from citizen-led care to illuminate the enabling factors that encourage our natural impulses as human beings to care for one another. How might these insights reshape how we understand the role of policy so it enables rather than displaces peer-to-peer care.</p> <p><strong>Curated by Gehan Macleod</strong> (GalGael Trust). A community organiser who co-founded GalGael - a social solidarity organisation whose collective works together on the demanding common tasks that demonstrate ways of living with more humanity in our times. Gehan lives in Glasgow, Scotland.</p> </li> <li> <p><strong>Health Autonomy: Living and working well together</strong></p> <p>Learning from the people and projects who experiment with new tools and practices embedded in communal living and working. How do we build autonomy, sustainability in the backdrop of failing health systems, political and socioeconomic crises?</p> <p><strong>Curated by Francis Coughlin</strong> ( A medical doctor, resident in a public hospital in NYC and a member at Woodbine, Frank is dedicated to build infrastructure for generative communal health care.</p> </li> </ol> <h2>Program</h2> <p>The most up to date program is announced <a href="">here</a>.</p> <p>Also: <a href="">A Note from the Curators.</a></p> <p>Want to lead a session or host an event? Submit your proposal <a href="/c/workspaces/lote6">here</a>! Registering a session starts with posting online reflections about your work and where you see the role of communities in advancing it. Once your proposal is posted other community members will leave thoughtful comments to help refine your proposal. When the Program team will contact you with a proposal for allocated time within two weeks from the time of posting.</p> <h2>Tickets</h2> <p>To get your ticket create an edgeryders account, then write to</p> <h2>Contact</h2> <p><span class="hashtag">#OpenVillage</span> Festival</p> <p>Follow us: <a href="">Facebook</a>, <a href="">Twitter</a>, <a href="">Newsletter</a></p> <p>General inquiries:</p> <p>Contributions &amp; Partnerships:</p> </details> LOTE3 “The unPilgrimage” <p>.</p> Spot the Future Georgia <p>We focus on social innovation, smart communities, resilient societies and economies in Georgia.</p> <p>And we would like to hear from you.</p> <p>Based on observation, a recurring obstacle to engage support for innovative work seems to be making the connection between projects/ efforts to tackle challenges at a micro-scale, and larger problems that ‘would be’ supporters are faced with.</p> <p>Let’s be creative about how our individual projects and work can work together to make a bright future happen for Georgia. Many people are doing a great job already, but there is a lot left to do for all of us.</p> <p>Either share your story here, or meet up with us on our regular meetings. Just keep an eye on the group to see when and where we meet.</p> <p>Or get in touch with <a href="/u/inge">@Inge</a>, she can help you with whatever questions you may have.</p> Galway2020 <p>A new collaboration to meet people, projects and communities doing work for the common good in Galway, Ireland.</p> <p><em>Project funded by the Galway City Council for Galway European Capital of Culture 2020 (March - May 2016). If you want to get involved, sign up on and create a post in this discussion group. Alternatively, write to noemi[at]edgeryders[dot]eu.</em></p> Viral Academy <p>The Viral Academy is no longer under the stewardship of the Edgeryders and our relationship with the promoters has been concluded. All enquiries should be directed to the originial promoters.</p> <hr> <p><span>Training young people to create business and mobile applications. The training is complete when students have, in turn, taught other students; this is what makes the learning viral. </span></p> Resilient Cities Challenge <p>Edgeryders and some European cities cooperate to enter the <a href="">100 Resilient Cities Challenge</a> of the Rockefeller Foundation. This project works under tight time constraints and restricted disclosure contraints, so some material might be set up as private at some point. Other than that, everyone welcome! The discussion on principles stays open anyway.</p> Baltic Edge <p>The “Baltic Edge” project from early 2013, together with Global Challenge.</p> <p>This space is only for organizational content. See tag <a class="hashtag" href="">#<span>project-baltic-edge</span></a> for the project contents.</p> Future Makers Nepal <p>Welcome to the public coordination space for the <a href="/t/future-makers-nepal/598">Future Makers Nepal</a> project (2015-04-01 to 2015-07-31).</p> <p>This is where the team that coordinates the project discusses how to do that. You and everyone else is welcome to offer feedback and proposals, ask questions and help etc. – it’s a public space.</p> Civic Innovation Network <p>Edgeryders partners up with Comitato Matera 2019 to prototype small-scale actions to enable, encourage and support civic innovation. “Civic” means both oriented to the collective good and citizen-led.</p> Spot the Future <p>This group was used to coordinate the Spot The Future project in March-July 2014. It was a “foresight from the edge” exercise for UNDP in Armenia, Egypt and Georgia.</p> <p>The project is now over. Materials remain available, and final reports are downloadable from <a href="/spot-the-future-final-reports-delivered-ish-linkedin-recommendations">this page</a>.</p> Spot the Future Romania <p>Edgeryders in Romania taking action for change, helping ourselves grow as a community, become each other’s resource and build durable projects together. No strings attached, if you need help or connect with like minded people in our global network, just shout!</p> <p><a href="" class="onebox" target="_blank"></a></p> <p>Meet more community members in <a href="">this playlist</a>. Why we started this movement <a href="/t/edgeryders-are-going-to-romania-we-re-building-a-community-of-radical-future-builders-first-stop-bucharest-2021/4365">in this context</a>. What we did so far:</p> <ul> <li>collected beautiful stories of beautiful people and shared them in this group. </li> <li>met offline, cooked together, biked together, and supported one another's initiatives</li> <li>hosted a <a href="/t/call-for-participation-futurespotters-bucharest-int-l-workshop-9-10-july/4517">workshop on collaboration</a> in 2015 with 35 community members attending. Everyone contributed to make it happen! Takeaways <a href="/t/what-are-your-take-aways-from-futurespotters-workshop/4645">here.</a> </li> <li>organized more informal meetups on several topics and partnered up with local events like and OuiShare drinks, Hey Mărie's Sezătoare, Noaptea Caselor.</li> </ul> <p>Welcome on board! Please introduce yourself in a post below (see Create a Post), we look forward to getting to know you! For detailed info contact</p> <p><small>Between May-July 2015, Spot the Future was funded by <a href="">ARCUB</a>, the Cultural Centre of Bucharest Municipality. ARCUB is the entity coordinating the city’s European Capital of Culture 2021 (ECOC) bid. Ours is a pilot project that can hopefully inform new directions for the Bucharest 2021 programme. For more info about the bid visit <a href="">Bucuresti2021 website.</a></small></p> <p><span> is an open platform built in Drupal, an open source technology. The content is public and everything here is licenced under a<a href=""> Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License</a>. <a href="/t/user-manual-for-edgeryders-eu-outdated/1069">Learn more.</a></span></p> Ci2i Global <p><strong>Ci2i Global: Co-creative Impact and Innovation Practitioners</strong></p> <p>Ci2i Global is a global support network of practitioners who use co-creative methods to achieve social impact and innovation. We're testing out the Edgeryders platform to see whether this is a place where our conversations and working groups might live.</p> LOTE4 “The Stewardship” <p>Living On The Edge (<span class="hashtag">#LOTE4</span>) is a gathering of the Edgeryders community. The physical gathering took place on 23-26 October 2014 at the <a href="/lote3/unmonastery">unMonastery</a>, one of many projects to emerge from the community. We chose it because it is a spectacular place, and because is was very relevant to this years <a href="/the-stewardship-a-european-conversation-at-lote4">theme</a>.</p> <p>This group contains all the documentation from Lote4. Feel free to browse through the below (posts, wikis) or alternatively, check out the <a href="/blog">Blog </a>for curated insights.</p> FormStorm <p>May be FormStorm can not only be the post but the group, as the FormStorm doesn’t necessarily end with the deadline on the 11th of December, anyone who wants to be a formstormer can assign related posts, thoughts and questions to this group.</p> unMonastery <p><strong>“When it comes to work it is increasingly difficult to reconcile making money with making sense. People do work to make a living. Others do work to make meaning. But the two works are not the same work.” </strong></p> <p>The unMonastery is an ambitious and radical response to the challenge of bridging this gap. It draws inspiration from the 10th century monastic life to encourage radical forms of social innovation and collaboration. A sort of lay, off-grid mendicant order striving for a society that can better withstand present and future systemic crises.</p> <p>This place-based social innovation, is aimed at addressing the interlinked needs of empty space, unemployment and depleting social services by embedding committed, skilled individuals within communities that could benefit from their presence.</p> <p>The unMonastery aims to develop a new kind of social space, akin to co-living and co-working spaces, drawing influence from both Monasteries and HackerSpaces, with a focus on the process of co-creation and co-learning between the community and unMonasterians.</p> <p>At the core of the unMonastery concept is a desire to recreate the best social functions of the traditional monastery: by giving the participants a collective purpose, a chance to develop deep relationships with one another and a reduced need to generate personal income so time can be dedicated entirely to serving the local community and contributing to global efforts in creating new digital tools.</p> <p><a href="/unmonastery-projects">Click here</a> for a list of current unMonastery projects.</p> Travel <p>A not project specific workspace where you get assisted booking of Edgeryders-related travel. For documentation how this works, see the <a href="/t/6664">Travel Manual</a>.</p> <p> </p> <p><em>This is work in progress. Do not use yet. Soon!</em> <img src="/images/emoji/twitter/wink.png?v=6" title=":wink:" class="emoji" alt=":wink:"></p> Life in Africa Community <p><em><strong>Life in Africa</strong></em> is a community based organization in Kampala, Uganda, made up of mostly war-affected women who were displaced by the 25+ year long conflict waged by Joseph Kony in the Northern part of the country. This group has been created to invite and house international collaboration with the Life in Africa community leaders (Grace Ayaa and Peter Ndelo) on establishing a <strong>family transition center</strong> in Northern Uganda, that will enable the women to support each other and a broader rural community in rebuilding their homes and their culture. <strong>Crowdfunding will take place on <a href=""></a> in April-May 2014</strong> to help the LiA ladies to manifest Phase 1 of their plan.</p> <p>Update: the crowdfunding goal was reached in July 2014.</p> Community <p>A not project specific workspace where we post updates about, and work on the development of the Edgeryders community and company as a connected whole. Especially also for the Edgeryders community to involve itself in the direction of what Edgeryders is and does.</p> <p>Friendly and constructive, please! <img src="/images/emoji/twitter/slight_smile.png?v=6" title=":slight_smile:" class="emoji" alt=":slight_smile:"></p> OpenCare <p>Here we coordinate(d) a research project on community-driven care services. The project is complete now and its full contents are available under <a href="" class="undefined"></a></p> <p>The idea first came in the context of <a href="/t/id/3685">a LOTE4 session</a> proposed and led by Rémy Cagnol. We wrote a proposal in February-March 2015, which got funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 framework programme. Everyone is welcome to participate._</p> <h2>What is OpenCare all about?</h2> <p>We are a global community working together to make health and social care accessible for all, open source, privacy-friendly and participatory.</p> <p><a href="" class="onebox" target="_blank"></a></p> <p><a href="">OpenCare</a> is a research project executed by a global consortium of partners. It starts from the assumption that state and private institutions will be unable to meet the demands for care in the 21st century and that new, more open, participatory, community-based methods are required.</p> <p>Related: the <a href="/t/introducing-openvillage-festival/36">OpenVillage Festival</a>.</p> LOTE1 “Living On The Edge” <p><img alt src=""><span><strong>On June 13-16 we are coming together to play the policy game</strong>. There will be no spectators, no sitting back! The difference between a mediocre and awsome conference is made by the participants, i.e you! Everyone can help somehow, before and/or duringn the event (starting from a tweet and stepping up to moderate a session). In other words every talent is welcomed and everyone can be useful. For now we are coordinating out of a<strong> <a href="">shared google doc</a></strong> . </span></p> <p><strong><span><strong>Jump right in and start building an awsome conference with us!</strong></span></strong></p> <p><span>700 smart people in a community can do alot of cool things</span> <img src="/images/emoji/twitter/slight_smile.png?v=6" title=":slight_smile:" class="emoji" alt=":slight_smile:"></p>
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