How we can spread the Edgeryders message beyond Edgeryders

usually a face to face interview works best, there’s more spontaneity, memories, it’s easier for me as interviewer to follow up, there’s more room for intimacy, and it’s easier to to describe the environment where you were when something happened “oh, eh, I don’t know, I think the sun was shining, yes! yes it was! and…” it allows you to remember more easily - as I am not just interested in “facts” but more so in feelings, memory, your opinion, belief system, etc. It’ll also take you less time than if we would do it in written form (it would be a lot of forth and back, would require you to think about things harder).

But if you really want we can try the written form.

Mmh. I like to write, and I think I can write reasonably well myself. Written interview it is :slight_smile: You can add some editorial remarks what you’re looking for with a question, if that helps.

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Ok, I’ll start another topic with questions then.

Just so you know, I will rewrite your answers for the article, as Q&A’s are usually really badly read :wink: - so I’ll craft it into a character driven narrative, longform article.

Of course, before we widely share it, you can add your comments if you feel it doesn’t represent your story well :slight_smile:

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