Hubbie meeting

Meeting with Hubbie 03/05/2023

  • contact: Valentine Lebacq (knows about L’èchappée, interested in cohousing herself)
  • vulnerabilities: (mainly) autism and mental disabilities
  • Flemish system: housing and care separated - Hubbie only provides care
  • works with AIS (Baita and Iris)
  • advantages of AIS: tenants pay very little rent, owner receives higher revenue (subsidies)
  • main takeaway: it’s unrealistic to have a unit of 4-6 tenants with a living-in caretaker (Hubbie has this model for bigger buildings with over 20 inhabitants), also, people who require that amount of care might be too “heavy” a profile according to Valentine
  • very good impression of the organisation and the way they work - interesting to work with them in the future once we found external investors
  • Valentine will ask her boss about possible subsidies and talk to her about the possibility of financing units in the Reef