Coordination Group

ok, ignore my post above, we came up with numbers ourselves (+ discussion on signal with team building members : Maria Claudia and Maria). So we are good. Thanks


Hi @reef-coordination !

The next plenary is on 16 May, and there is a lot going on in terms of moving towards buying a site. There is also another presentation to schedule and make happen (more on this in another post). For both these reasons, it would be ideal to have a coordination group meeting before then.

I have created a Framadate poll for next Saturday, with potential slots throughout the day. Hopefully there is a time that will work for everyone. Here’s the link: Sondage - Coordination Group meeting - Framadate

As Team Governance, Team Community and Team Inclusion are “on pause”, they don’t need to be represented.

I will represent Team Facilitation, and can also represent Team Recruitment and Onboarding.

@ugne - hoping you will be available to represent Team Finance and Legal

Can either @manuelpueyo or @alberto represnent Teams IT, Logistics and Communication?

Can @reef-building please nominate someone to represent them.



Yes, will be there representing team finance

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since ugne is going to be there, i can’t make it because of Ada,

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I can confirm that the meeting will take place at 17h on Saturday. I’ll post an agenda here on Friday, and a Jitsi link here a few minutes beforehand… :slight_smile:


Just a little message from (not quite dormant) Team Inclusion: @Lee and I met two potential partner organisations for our inclusive units recently: Oak Tree Projects and Hubbie. Have a good meeting!


Here’s the agenda for the Coordination Group meeting:

A bit late to be posting this, but it’s pretty straightforward:

Team check in
Set the agenda for next plenaries
Review teams set up

Jitsi link here soon…


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Minutes available in our usual doc :slight_smile:


@ugne and @Sophie_Beese, Chris told me that Team Finance and Team Building have some topics to bring to the next plenaries. If so, can you please let me know what they are, when then can be presented and how much time would be needed?

I’ll try to set up a Coordination Group meeting as soon as possible, but it would be good to know where we stand already now.

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Team Building could report on the new matrix for scouting and potentially on outreach activities - checking if we could present anything next Wednesday!

Hi @Lee
There is nothing much yet to present on team’s finance front. The most important thing is the status on the societé simple, but i haven’t yet got the answer from the notary. And even if i do by Wednesday, it can be a simple post, it won’t be a presentation. I will however double check with team finance.

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Hey @Lee, I guess you saw already that after all, Team Building does not have much to report - Julien won’t be there tomorrow and considers the scouting documents a first draft.


It’s been since the 7th of June that we organised our last meeting. Shall we plan another one, if only to take stock of where we are?

Here’s a quick poll, for an online meeting from 8 to 9:30 pm:

  • Monday 17 July
  • Thursday 20 July
  • None of these dates are possible for me

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As none of these dates are possible for me, happy to write a written report for my teams… :slight_smile:

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Hi there!
I’m still tagged in the coordination group, but I’m not sure anymore if I am part of it since team Gov is on pause?? I assume I’m not, so I’m not filling the poll in…

Just so you know, we already have a finance meeting on Monday, 17 July.

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Hi @Sarah,

If you’d like to be untagged here, that’s fine with me, but in a way I think it would be good if you stay in the loop, because I think we will have to relaunch Team Governance shortly for a couple of issues.

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Fine by me!

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It seems like it’s hard to bring people together because many people will be on leave, so I propose that for now we try to solve things in writing and through bilaterals. When everybody is back, we could then organise a meeting in the week of 21 August?

Here are some points to get us until there …

1. Points for the draft agenda of the next plenary
  • Scouting: progress report (Team Building)

    • How many squares have been scouted since the last time

    • How many fiches have been filled in and evaluated

    • How is the current system going and do we need to make any changes?

    • Simple and transparent presentation of all the fiches that have been evaluated + the sites for which we did a pre-feasibility study

  • Feasibility: first pilot => update (Team Building)

  • Role description for the site purchase negotiators (Lie)

  • Société simple: state-of-play (Team Finance)

Does this work for everybody? Any other points to be added?

I have also updated our Excel file with the longer term planning:

2. Tasks for the next period

(As we didn’t get the chance, this list is just a suggestion. Where needed I propose we pick this up in quick bilaterals)

  • Finalisation of the statutes of the société simple (Team Finance + Legal)

  • Scouting: making progress on every step of the process (scouting, fiches, feasibilty studies) (Team Building)

  • Recruitment & Onboarding: new presentation (probably on 13/09)

  • Facilitation: getting trained

  • Governance:

    • Review of the Governance Document

    • Selection processes for the different “management groups” for the société simple?

Any important points that I missed?