Hugi Event Notes

If we want to shape the common sense five or ten years from now what will be considered relevant?

I’m more into that if we know what is wrong how we can mobilize people and now we are about what is the thing that we are mobilizing about.

A lot of the time when people are faced with systematic conversation or binary boxing in for example: Employment models aren’t working, you can’t break out of those and you have to work with others these new ideas to making it work.

You can only break through these models and narratives by working together and creating new narratives.

When we know what we want to do and where to go, we can create a new future, something completely different from what the AI is predicting perhaps. Thus create the space that is more free.

Participatory art - the art that throws away the separation between art and the spectator. Because of the consumerist society…the point is not to create “great art” but great transformative experience together with other people. Example of the Borderland. They come into this world, change the mindset, lots of the traditional concepts start to break. Creating completely new reality. Tackling the imposed machine. There is something there but don’t know what.

What will general principles about what we consider good or bad look like or work in practice?

What is something you are struggling with? What is out there to make our own biases less visible to the algorithms?

How can we get emotionally engaged into the ai discussion? What do you want to push against? Where are injustices related coming out of this?

maybe five years ago FB opened its graph and it opened up FBs capabilities. I was having a blast with it, was a party trick for me. This is what cambridge analytica used. We were able to be coming our own CIA’s.

It’s not only does it give us more capability, but what do we use these capabilities for. Maybe some have too much responsibilities with it?

the problem here is that all of this data exists and all of it sudden was opened. It is important to distinguish it was just the side effect.

in terms of mobilization and justice, perception of the actions and reactions of justice. We’ve seen the same thing playing out in different places for different reasons. Obvious injustice - the link between the situation and the AI land where this is scaled up. What happens when it scales up?

in Lebanon and Morocco - riots over something related to the AI. in one case taxing, banning of whatsapp. Because of income? Maybe. But whatsapp also introduced the signal protocol. What it took for people to go to the streets and protest against government was for their rights to be removed (those they didn’t have a few years back).

People have abilities, and people are upset, we have network systems, if people would map out all the uber drivers ad ping them, they will do something.

Why are we putting the wellbeing of people behind proprietary systems?

If actors say they need algorithms: why?

AI gives advice to human, and human pulls the trigger. Just because we put a human in the middle, the decision won’t be better. We are terrified of being held responsible for the wrong decisions,. So great there is this computer system that is helping us make them, wonderful.

What are the reasons people are unable to act upon algorithmic issues in society?

Where is the space in which humans can have agency?

something as vague as my data became very big, most people understand there is something about data we should care about. We only need this data once, which later becomes governed by something different. The algorithm becomes irrevocable. How do you challenge that? Even if you own your data people will sell it.

We have a lot of things like roads with are public, you can’t make a private road and make it public. But for some reason, we don’t have the same idea about data, and why not?

are we not being radical enough? If we put a censor anywhere out in a place, including a car, and that data MUST be completely public. If we make these legislations
we are from Sweden, no minimum wage, negotiation between unions, but at some point the legislation was put in place which allowed them to lower that power. We have to make sure that at the EU level these companies can act in this way. We need to find out what those things are.

gender has become more visible in the last ten years because the perception changed. The oppression that comes with capital is something that became visible with the social movement. Things can be made visible.

Why are we buying into these systems and who hold the power?