IARC 2023 Transcripts - 01 AMN

So I’m Jos and I’m working on research in circular economy and automotive sector. And I would like to know your point of view. If you accept, I’m going to record our conversation, transcribe it and put the transcription with a pseudonym, not with your real name in a repository of text documents that will be used for the research. If we do this and you change your mind later, no longer want to participate, get in touch with us and we will immediately remove your interview from the repository. So I’m leaving you later. An information sheet with contact informations. So if you agree, please tell me your first name and that you agree.

I agree. My first name is Amnon.

Amnon. Thank you. So the first question can you define a circular economy in your own words?

A circular economy is taking in my own words. Just one second. Let me think. I will make it in my own words. I think it’s building an economy without external costs. And the closed loop economy, a closed loop circle without any external burdens or external costs to the environment or to the or to people.

Do you participate in a circular economy yourself in any aspect of your life?

Yes, I do in a in recycling, and I manage a compliance scheme. So in a lot of the recycling processes and and specific and specific operations that we run.

How did you become interested in circular economy ideas and practices?

I came across a big environmental disaster by my private life and private house, and I moved from a whole different industry of high tech and technology to a recycling business. Huh.

In your opinion, can a circular economy be implemented in individual sectors or individual industries?

I think it does. It requires a I think a major thing is the ability to for mankind to live ego outside of business and understand that the interest is different and the interest doesn’t need to be not economical. It can be valuable, it can be profitable and economical, but it needs to be with an understanding that cooperation is part of doing business and sharing value and sharing profit.

Do you think the circular economy already exists in the car industry?

I don’t think that in the car industry it exists. I think it’s a linear industry. I’m talking about car recycling industry. I think it’s a fully linear system today. I don’t think it’s looking into a closed loop, circular economy.

Do you currently own a car?

Of course.

Which kind?


Is electric or hybrid or regular?

No, it’s still regular. So now we’ll move to an electric one.

When is the one adjective that comes to mind when you think about car electronics?

I think that the biggest problem with car electronics is that there is a small value in the electronics themselves. I’m talking about about about economical value or there is a big cost and burden in battery recycling which will never balance themselves. And as long the long that exists, a car from an asset to any car recycling industry becoming a burden. And that’s very hard to think of something that was until yesterday, an asset. And tomorrow going to be a burden that definitely needs to have a rethink of the of the situation and the way the stream that we’re working on.