IARC 2023 Transcripts - 06 CED

I’m Jos and I’m working on research in circular economy and automotive sector, and I would like to know your point of view. If you accept, I’m going to record our conversation, transcribe it and put the transcription with a pseudonym, not your real name, in a repository of text documents that will be used for the research. If you do this and you change your mind and no longer want to participate, get in touch with us and we will immediately remove your interview from the repository. I’m leaving you an information sheet with contact information. So if you agree, then tell me please your first name and that you agree.

Cedric I agree.

Thank you. Cedric. So the first question, can you define a circular economy in your own words?

For me, circular economy is to complete close the loop means that we we from from a starting point we can completely reuse the the the the the the product.

Do you participate in a circular economy yourself in any aspect of your life.

Yes. In the in my private life I in my private life I try to to to be more and more environmental friendly of course. And in my professional life. Yes. Because I we we really want to we I work in the in the battery business, in the battery recycling business. And we want to offer our customers a complete circularity in this area.

How did you become interested in circular economy ideas and practices?

Let’s say that it’s I have always something green in my. And I have the chance to to work close to Paris, but in a in a very green area. First of all. And secondly, I at the beginning, I’m fascinated with cars. And I found that after 20 years in the car business was quite interesting to to to to to move in the in the in the green economy because for me car and green now it’s have to be the same world.

In your opinion can a circular economy be implemented in individual sectors or industries?

Uh, I think it’s easier to implement it in the in the private, in the private sector, let’s say in the industrial sector, uh, things will move only if people earn money with this. If not, it will move, uh slowly.

Uh, do you think the circular economy already exists in the car industry?

Yes, it exists, but not enough. And now with the new EU regulation, especially the car manufacturers will be obliged to to work on this.

Do you currently own a car?

Yes, I own my car.

Which kind of car is that?

It’s, uh. I breed plug-in hybrid car.

Is it electric or normal?

Electric and hybrid. It’s a it’s an electric and benzene. Yeah.

Uh, when is the one adjective? That means the first thought when you think about electronics in a car.

My first thing when about electric…