Ice Dinner? mmmm sounds tempting...but let me know what you think first

I just wanted to get your feedback on an idea we came up with for Spot the Future, with Ice Cairo.

We are thinking of hosting, what they refer to as, Ice Dinner on the 14th of April for Spot the Future. Basically, the idea is to invite some people from the hacker and innovation scene in Egypt to talk about and introduce Spot the Future in person and to give them a little teaser. It’ll be a casual dinner at the Ice Cairo premises, open for anyone.

This way, we will attract those innovators to the concept of the project, then they will continue the discussion online, engage more and more on the platform, and hopefully tell other people ‘hey did you hear about this really cool initiative called STF, go on Edgeryders and check it out’. We thought it would be a good and creative way to mobilize people, as a supplement to online engagement! Ice Cairo hosts a lot of these dinners, and it’s been proven to be a successful mechanism for engaging people.

This dinner will be done as a UNDP country office and Ice Cairo event and the online community builder will not have any extra responsibilities or any role with regards to this dinner (unless of course she wants to attend, voluntarily), because as I understood this was Alberto’s main concern! We were also hoping to have one of you guys from Edgeryders on google hangout or skype for 30 minutes or so during the dinner just to introduce Edgeryders and talk about Spot the Future, live; so there will be some kind of an online engagement component :slight_smile:

Anyway, thought i’d run the idea by you guys beforehand, so let me know what you think!! ( please feel free to criticize, we’re open to any ideas…that’s the whole point of asking for your feedback! :slight_smile: )

Concrete time for the dinner/event?

Sure sounds good.  We just have to check who could make it from Edgeryders to present at the given time. Also I would ask that we test run the tech two days before and then on the same day to make sure it works with sound etc on the actual evening. Works?


okay awesome that you guys are on board!

  • On another note, for the workshop event on Facebook, we'll send you the logo for STF to put it as a cover photo please. Also, I think you guys should remove the working out loud post on the event page, and put the I think it'll be more useful. 

Thanks! will keep you updated

fb event post goes out tomorrow!

to answer nadia questions, the event will be on april 14th at 6pm cairo time.

the actual event details will be copied from the fb event onto this platform…and maybe we should expand it to a google hangout just in case others want to observe…

i also agree with the tech try outs a days before…i suggest 2pm cairo time on april 13th

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Try the equip before the icedinner

Hello again

I think it was Nadia who suggested testing out the equipment for the Skype call-in at eh icedinener on Apr. 14th… can we do this on Sunday Apr 13th at 2pm Cairo time?

Unforuntately before that is a weekend and later on is an event at icecairo, so hopefully this works out.

Looking forward to testing equipement…


Sorry I missed the hangout…

If it is still on please send me an email so I can join, otherwise hope to see you next time.