If you can kick us out of our parks, then we can kick you out of your workplace

Tbilisi municipal government is selling off community parks to developers, an action that will displace community groups and leave the city with fewer places for children to play. The Guerilla Gardening activists took over a City Hall Building and turned it into a Picnic spot. Their message is β€œOkay, if you can kick us out of our parks, then we can kick you out of your workplace.” Produced by Miro Shengelaia


great activities indeed!

I am always glad to see grassroots initiatives taking their future into their on hands. I also did a short interview with them about a month ago.

Reminds me of another picnic although accidental

been trying to reach them…

Hi, thanks for sharing Nino! yup no surprises here, just another brick in the wall so to speak :slight_smile:

Even before Spot the Future started I’ve been trying to get in touch with the folks behind Guerrilla Gardening for an inside view and detailed account of how they managed to mobilize people..Are you involved in this Nino? Should we invite them to Monday’s workshop at Frontline? By the way are you yourself coming? hope to meet you in person :slight_smile:

asked them

I asked them several times, and they said yes, but they are very busy with their activism and probably haven’t found the time yet to become active on the platform. I will try again today.


this is awesome :smiley:

has anyone responded to this movment or they are still on the battle for their community parks

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On the platform at last

Hi Guys,

Nick from Guerilla Gardening here.

I’m finally on the platform. Sorry for a huge delay with joining.

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Glad to have you on the platform and at the workshop, your work is truly inspiring @nickda@gmail.com

Visiting campers in Vake Park Wednesday April 16

HI Everyone,

Nino I wanted to let you know me and @Sam Muirhead are heading to Vake Park on Wednesday around 10 -11 am in the morning to get some shots of the space and talk to Nick and his peers who are camping there 24/7!

How about you join us?? Unless we meet on Tuesday at the workshop or for drinks…

Hope to meet you eventually!!

@anyone: if you have questions you wanna ask and would like people there to answer feel free to post them here and we’ll make sure the issues come across!