Importance of Collaborations: Ramy

From my understanding, I am a very very new member of Edgeryders. I am still getting acquainted to Open Village. I was introduced to it.

I joined last couple of weeks. Winnie came to Oakland and introduced the idea to join. Open Village what I understand is a physical manifestation of what happens on the digital collaboration with members from Edgeryders. I relate to it because I work on community building and that is local, but my scope is always much broader, and the only way to collaborate in a broader sense is to be open to digital collaboration. I am already working on multiple things, all my work relies on cross-functional collaborations.

I am in public health, and one very recent project that I am involved in, is visualizing data for ritual awareness in health. It could be visualizing led exposure data, this encompasses, deals with the interactions with our built environment, and how it affects our health. I am an environmental health consultant. For one of my hobbies, I do applied mycology, and am a member of counterculture labs where, in Oakland, I met Winnie about a month ago, and he told me about Edgeryders and the Open Village festival, and he said it would be perfect for me. I worked on another group called Open Oarkland, which is Code for America brigade, and we work on civic technology, which is using open data to increase civic engagement. For example, you want to know how much of the city’s budget is going towards education. Collaboration is central to all of the work that I do and I would like to use the ideas of decentralization with Open Village projects.


Welcome @ramykim :slight_smile:

Do you see your mycology hobby and your health work meeting somewhere?

Absolutely! I call it a hobby, but I am an all-in believer in mushrooms: from their medicinal benefits directly supporting human (+other species’) health, to their role as an accessible food source (food security), to their potential for applied mycoremediation (environmental health). I try to sneak in mycelial metaphors socially when I can, too. I’ve been lucky to have met members of Bay Area Applied Mycology (BAAM) though their outreach workshop in inoculation at Counter Culture Labs, because now I’m active member & acolyte.


Wow, Code for America does great work! I am an open data activist myself (here’s the story). I have been for seven years now, and plan to continue. Hopefully the Open Village will meet open data at some point, though how is not yet clear to me.

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Great Alberto, I quickly read the backstory of Open Spaghetti and your reasons why open gov is important to you. As I learn more about the Italian case, perhaps I can provide some insight or moral support as you & others propel the open data agenda forward.

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