Include an important notice into the weekly newsletter: New Edgeryders platform

Hi all,

So the next newsletter to all ER network (and lists) should include, aside from the story featured, an important message regarding switching to a new platform.

Two things:

  1. I will update the mailchimp list with all new recent signups on the platform

  2. Can I ask you to include the message below when we get the green light? I’ll ping you!


Edgeryders is growing in numbers: we are pushing 4,000 accounts now, with close to 30,000 written contributions and circa 6 million words. Our social enterprise created in 2013 to act as our community’s infrastructure is also becoming better at connecting our projects and initiatives for change to powerful, established organisations.

As part of this growth, we have outgrown our old Drupal 7 online platform. We are now decamping to a new platform that puts debate front and center. It is, as always, open source software, based on Discourse (here is the GitHub repo). It will take a bit of getting used to, but those involved in pre-testing adjusted very fast, and absolutely love it. Give it a try!

Here is what you need to know:

  • Your login and password work as normal. One exception: if your username contains a whitespace, you will need to replace it with an underscore. So Quintus Fabius Maximus becomes Quintus_Fabius_Maximus.

  • All content has been imported. All authorship information has been preserved. Your content is still acknowledged as yours, and you retain intellectual property rights on it. The Creative Commons Attribution license used on the old platform also is maintained for all content.

  • All links pointing to individual posts, wikis, events, pages etc. of the old platform still work, and now redirect to the imported content on the new one.

  • Mentions still work, like this: @username

If you have a question, problem or need hands on support we have an online chat room where you can drop in during the day:

Very cool, thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

Side note - For Mailchimp, you might have to create a different list as there is a cap on the number of contacts per list (I believe it does not go over 2000). We will upgrade the account next time I talk with Nadia. Danke!

Notice ready to go, emailed you as well ! Hurrayy…

Ping @owen again. I think business as usual is suspended as we iron out the kinks and onboard the community onto the new platform. The main post we should be communicating is this.

I agree, the new platform and socializing people with it - but especially fixing links will be rough (I got emails and requests already and it’s increasingly hard to cope…) .

I suggest another 2-3 days to reconvene. Does this work? cc @Nadia

For later this week, @owen this is a suggestion of 3 things to push out:




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I will share general links and the cofveve. Ethnography paper was shared last week (and by email) but we can out it again, it’s pretty good stuff. Anything else, send my way :sunglasses:

Ethno paper should go in heavy rotation. It already brought in a new potential client.