InDesign 5.5 help

Hello community,

Does anyone have Adobe Indesign 5.5 or above and can help us with the final collation of Bios for the name tags?

We’ve finished the design for them and we need to put everyone’s name on each badge, as well as biographies. It would be great if i could split the task with someone so i don’t have to do all 100+ people on my own.

If you have the right software then let me know and we can work out how to split the list.


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Usually this can be automated…

If you have the names and bio’s in some kind of structured document (e.g. a spreadsheet), it’s actually not that hard to automate such a process (in InDesign or a similar app). It’s called a “data merge”. Should take no more than an hour or so, if you’re a novice.


Hi Thomas,

that sounds like exactly what i wanted to do. Any tips on how to do it? Or a link to somewhere that can walk me through it?



This probably is close enough to what you need (I don’t think it has changed much since 5.5):

It’ll save you hours of work :wink:

Status on this task?

Hallo Alex, do you still need help with this?