Last hour of fame as heavy online contributors before LOTE5. Come help!

We’re almost there. Look at the company in which you’ll be, what could be more promising? This is to fine tune things still in progress, with things you, me or anyone can help as we prepare to kickstart LOTE5.

Last minute drudgery work & logistics. These are all due Monday, 22 Feb at the latest. It would mean a lot if you jumped in, so take your pick?

  1. Help put together everyone's names and bios. We have them, but they're in different places. Working from this spreadsheet, got an hour to help? 
  2. Help input the information collected above in nametags using design files created with InDesign 5.5 (led by @Alex_Levene)
  3. Help describe the practicalities of Brussels to those coming from different countries or even continents?! Update the travel wiki with useful information about local transportation, habits, good bars nearby SmartBe/ Gare du Midi etc.

As with all Edgeryders events, Lote5 will be heavily documented, and there will be attempts to sprinkle some harvesting in. In Kaja’s words: "Harvesting (which is a term from “The Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter”) is an attempt to collect and make sense of our collective conversations and the patterns that emerge from them.

Documenting what you learned helps other participants, who either couldn’t attend the very session, because they attend another session happening parallely, or couldn’t make it to Lote5 at all. And it lowers everyone’s fomo" (fear of missing out). Pick a task:

  1. Documentation/Harvesting of LOTE - what? why? how? Pick a role that you want to try out: session journalist, day journalist, photographer, video journalist, investigative interviewer and more. 
  2. Help with social soiling : share something about yourself and your expectations from the event.

If you’re registering late to LOTE5, make sure to fill in this form so we include you.

A reminder on why we are working like this:

Once you’ve seen what happens when the right mix of people end up together in the same room, you cant rework it, or undo it. It was the case of our first Living on the Edge (LOTE), and why years later LOTE5 can’t work any other way: it is an open event where joining means lending a hand. Yes, some can’t find their way in; don’t have the time; tech enabled environment is intimidating; plus our style of working is admittedly messy. But at the end of the day lined up are a number of smart, generous people who make for the core contributors in any real community and end up inspiring the rest. I’d say it’s a good point to start for those 100 in the room.

Living on the Edge: Fail unFail


See you there!

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