Infrastructures of autonomy and dynamic equilibrium of collaboration

[Editor note: The following notes were made by @cindy during the “Infrastructures of autonomy and dynamic equilibrium of collaboration”, of OpenVillage Festival (19th October 2017). Quotes are not verbatim but summarize what was said. If you feel something is mis-represented, please tell us in a comment or with the “Flag → Something Else” feature and a mod will fix it. – @anu]

Worked with communities In Cabo San Lucas fishing village of 300 people in Baja California, Mexico - it had a 20% growth rate by cca 2010. People were running day to day services - medical, legal etc. Cindy was working to integrate those networks in the masterplan of the town.

Later she worked in the Ontario Public Service research group - enable students to gain credit in their course but applied at the community level i.e. work with an organisation or group. Cindy’s group built their capacity - to being understanding, to have facilitation workshops, grow empathy etc, complementing i.e. engineering skills.

Now based in London, runs Citizens Without Borders, using improvisation methods to build enthusiasm and playfulness in taking initiative.