Instagram has been set up!

So, guys, if you are on Instagram, follow @edgeryders

If you have something to share, skep me a message! I’ll share a login/pass information with you if you want to use it yourself, or just send your photos to be posted there!

Currently @Giuseppe is posting a lot of lovely pictires from the place!

need a hand?

@Elena I found a lot of instagrammers posting great Matera pix, do you need a hand with following them, liking and commenting? If yes, drop me a login info.

@Giuseppe Cheers!

how is it going? do you need help?

Hi Elena,

Thank you for this, I don’t use smart phones and therefore no instagram for me, but I was wondering if you’ve found other Edgeryders on Instagram who can also post about Lote and tag their photos?

Also, do you think we should connect the account with our facebook so other people who are not on instagram could see the pics? or should we do this later, when we have more pics?


Hi Elena!

Was exploring Instagram, it’s great !! :wink:

You might want to update the template.png, from #LOTE to #LOTE3, available at this link

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