Q&A for making LOTE3, please add, edit, answer, and simplify everything which could be simplified

How many people at Lote?

We are 60 Edgeryders registered and counting. We come from more than a dozen countries.

I want to come to LOTE, so I’ve registered on Edgeryders, what’s next?

Join the preparation of the event: we’re coordinating online, so subscribe to Making LOTE3 group. Check out stuff to get involved with and join a team. Join people working on tasks to make LOTE3 or join the process of making a program for the event, where sessions are proposed and discussed.

I’m in Matera already or very near, how do I participate?

Register here and subscribe to Making LOTE3 group. If you’re not confortable with English get in touch with @andrea who is based in Matera.

I don’t have time to follow on edgeryders.eu, but I want to help.

It’s fine, you can simply help spread the word. Our social media calendar has messages and highlights prepared for you to share. Another thing is to take pictures (different from ones from google image) for Lote on Instagram.

What hashtags for the event?

#LOTE, #Lote3, #unMonastery, #edgeryders, #Matera, #MT2019

Why isn’t there a final event program?

Because Lote is community driven, everyone is invited to contribute. We’re updating the Program as we are receiving more proposals. You too can post about something you want to explore at Lote.

What is a Track?

A track is a collection of sessions united by an epic goal. These goals are the reasons that bring us together. LOTE has 3 major tracks:

UpSkilling for Change, Building the unMonastery, and the unConference on the Edge.

What is a Session?

A session is an atom of activity within LOTE. Generally, it requires a room; materials (post-its, maybe some more specific stuff); someone to lead it (it could be a speaker or a facilitator); participants; and documentation arrangements.

Can I propose a Session?

Yes, we highly encourage that. Please describe your session in 2 paragraphs here.

How can I meet other participants at Lote?

Join us every Friday 11 AM CET in our online call.

When do I book my trip?

Now! this gives you a chance to find cheap rates. More about travel here.

Where am I staying in Matera?

Currently we are in touch with the local community: hospitable families, B&Bs or the couchsurfing communities. Either way, we will make it cheap for you. More information soon.

How to tell others about LOTE3 in short.

An event built by change makers, for change makers. Edgeryders from everywhere will be gathering Oct 29 - Nov 3 in Matera, to celebrate the world’s first unMonastery and learn how to create more projects with the help of an international community. Everyone can join, participation is open and free of charge.

Very short info about LOTE is here. About Edgeryders Community here.

I’m not sure how to contribute/ I don’t understand something/ I need more information. Who can help me?

Get in touch with Noemi, our community manager at noemi[at]edgeryders[dot]eu

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