Intellectual Development: Winnie

Notes from the listening triad session at OpenVillage Festival (19th October 2017):

[quote=winnieponcelet]A thought experiment for now, could turn into something real. Running an open bio hack lab in Ghent, bunch of people who don’t agree with place of science in society. How can open insulin contribute to society. Low cost experiments that if they succeed they will influence society. If it works, feels great, if not, no great loss. I have been involved for a year in ER, learned so much on platform, I have my community of doers, but ER is good for more thinking and intellectual development. Then also the human relationships. Hope to continue that. Doing: on day 3 hope to contribute to that.

Going through a transition phase, some professionalization, some exploring, some learning needed. The community aspect has been the most instructive. We are self-taught, helping scientists to communicate. see the lab as a community space. I have been a fellow for ER, helped to organize the conference, privilege to work very closely with ER, see how they experiment with processes themselves. People who are willing to take the risk in how they do things.[/quote]


… and that is a confirmation of @ezio_manzini’s theory about “communities of interest” and “communities of action”.

(Of course I agree with Winnie. Intellectual development and friendship are also why I am on this particular ride).

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just noticed no notification so far to Mr. Poncelet, so here we go: @winnieponcelet.