Interview with Gennaro Cosentino

Hi all, as I promise I’m doing a little investigation around Basilicata’s movement that are doing something about stewardship the commons. There is several association in the zone of Valle del noce that are doing something with abandoned buildings and I’m sure they are interested in meet us on lote4. My interlocutor don’t speak very good english so he prefer do interview in italian, but he said many interesting things. I hope that Gennaro and others join us for lote4 so we can know them better and give them advice on their project.

If the embedding don’t found, here is the link.

Thanks Nico!

One for @Caroline_Paulick-Thiel and stewarding physical assets.

Unfortunately my poor Italian won’t let me understand most of the content of the video, probably also because the sound is not perfect.

What stays with me is that caring for physical assets -eg abandoned or unfunctional public spaces - needs participation and cooperation with both public authorities and related associations, and potentially large effort to align incentives.

Gennaro rightly understands stewardship as beyond managing an asset - but being self critical and taking responsibility to care for it. Dynamic action as opposed to static.