IOH highlights by month

Here is a short overview of some of our favourite conversations on the NGI exchange platform month by month.

It will be updated on the 28th of each month.

June 2020


  2. This conversation is not very big, a whole system approach for the developing internet which is on the core of the NGI interest and relevant for our path into the future and the contributions are very well thought through: The Future of Internet Governance

  3. The webinar shared webinar with edgeryders and Delab on Datascience in the wake of the corona crisis was very interesting. You can also check out the transcript in this thread:

## April/May 2020: (When the Covid-19 Crisis became "normal") (since this is the first entry in this list May and April are treated as one)
  1. Started back in April, but the conversation live and relevant in May: A surveillance pandemic? Results of the community listening post on risks for freedom in the wake of COVID-19
  2. While the “surveillance pandemic” discussion looked at the origin of data on how to read and process it on a cognitive as well as the emotional and political level has also been very important. That conversation started here Statistically feeling bad. Please share your thoughts and experiences regarding the mental and emotional processing of statistics there. Looking into the future you can join the shared webinar with DeLab here: Webinar: Making sense of a COVID-19 world: applying collective intelligence to big data (3rd of June) to have a concrete conversation with data scientists on how to interpret data.
  3. We started a community Tech help desk and it evolved into a conversation about diverse relationship models. Community Tech Desk: How to get connected
  4. This conversation about “work in times of Corona” Work in the Time of Corona Virus provided the seed for the now planned summit about “Making a Livelihood” Summit Program
  5. Internet and open-source as crucial to covid-responses - what are you working on? - #2 by nadia
  6. Is the communitarian Internet back in the wake of COVID-19? – A conversation with Howard Rheingold

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