IOT for communal living Design Challenge (Deadline 20th of July)

Dear edgeryder community members connecting things and people through the internet of the future:

I found a design challenge that might be along the lines of a few projects (@pbihr might be something for you or someone you know of? Napkin sketch submission rolling until the 20th of June, those selected are given tools to further describe their ideas. 1200 £ for the winner 750 £ for the runner up.):

What they are looking for

They’re looking for concepts that speak to the question of…

“How might we use connected Internet of Things systems and products to re-imagine collaborative and communal living that is sensitive to differences between members of these living spaces?”

In particular, they want submissions which are…

  • Early stage designs that use connected IoT systems and products to explore new ways of living together
  • Ideas about how to balance personalisation, privacy, and the experience with the interests and preferences of different people who live together
  • Creative interventions in using connected devices to provide for life together, not only as individuals

How it works:

How the Design Challenge Works

The Design Challenge has two rounds.

Round 1

Deadline: rolling until June 20th

Submit your “napkin sketch” - very early sketch and description of your idea

Round 2

Deadline: June 20

"Selected applicants from Round 1 are given beta tools to support their concept development and are invited to submit full materials of technical diagram, user storyboard and business plan

We will consider all of the concepts submitted within the deadline and evaluate them.

On or before June 27th we will announce the finalists who will be invited present their concept at the final VIRT-EU design challenge event as part of ORGCon on 13 July 2019 in London.

ORGCon is Open Rights Group’s conference in London.

The selected concepts will be the ones that best answer the Challenge question and have the most potential for impact"

Would be great if some projects of people connected to the community could become part of this :slight_smile:


Looks like one for @costantino.

Or @iamkat

Ah thanks! Looks interesting, I’ll put something together :slight_smile:

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Kat while you are at it check this out, especially the fellowship (we are doing several batches so ignore the May 30 deadline):

Thanks Nadia I’ll take a look!