Internet of Humans

Open Proposal Writing This is a public open workspace in which you can craft your proposals, calls, project plans and similar. In doing so you can get help and profit from the experience of other community members while simultaneously contributing to a growing knowledge base. Proposal writing for grants, answering calls or wording them yourself, finding funding or partners are complex processes. Institutions have developed theses processes and brought them to a point where it is harder and harder to break into the... Festival Participants The 2019 Edgeryders Festival requires that, in order to get a ticket, participants contribute to this platform with their “story” by which we mean who you are, what your ideas, motivations, goals and projects are. And this is the place to do it… Tell Us About You We want to understand how you and others are trying to contribute towards building the evolution of the Internet and our digital technologies - so that they support efforts to build a better future against a backdrop of massive social, economic, ecological and political challenges. What is a burning question that drives your work? How did you get started and what hurdles have you met along the way? Which doubts do you have about the work you are doing and the path forward? What kind of... Events The Internet of Humans events of different scope and sizes. To add an event here: Start a new topic in this category – as usual. Click “Add Date and Time” and choose according to your event. This way your event will be automatically published in the events section of the NGI Forward Consultation Platform as well. Add a picture. The first picture in your topic will be used as the event’s preview picture when it is republished as described above.
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About the Internet of Humans category 1 April 3, 2019
Fellowships with Bursaries for Human-Centric Internet builders!

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BUILD A HUMAN-CENTRIC INTERNET? Meet people who are doing it. Learn how to do it. Build it together. Internet of Humans is a track within our annual Edgeryders festival. It is dedicated to bringing …

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