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Tell Your Story <p>The Internet of Humans starts with each of us sharing our stories: what drives us to create a human-centered internet, the work we do, the lives we lead.</p> <p>We are on a journey to help one another navigate the changes that are happening in different parts of the world. Any community, online or off, is based on relationships. If you seek a Fellowship, attend one of our events, or just want to engage with those of us here, we look forward to knowing your story.</p> Events <p>The Internet of Humans events of different scope and sizes. First up: May 11 in Stockholm!</p> Governance Discussions <p>About regulation, laws, democracy, inequality, net neutrality and similar topics.</p> Personal Data Discussions <p>About identity, privacy, data mining, tracking, the cloud, user data and similar topics.</p> Security Discussions <p>About security, encryption, spyware, safety and related topics.</p> Technology Development Discussions <p>About protocols, e-commerce, internet of things, AI, blockchain, driverless tech, medical tech, online services, robots and similar topics.</p> Burning Questions <p>What are the burning questions that drive us to make the internet into what we want and need?</p> <p>We want to know what you are doing in your part of the world, and what we can do together.</p> <ul> <li> <p>How are we building good lives against a backdrop of massive social, economic, ecological and political challenges?</p> </li> <li> <p>How are we creating opportunities for ourselves and where can we support one another better? In work, health, family, community life?</p> </li> <li> <p>How are we building the evolution of the Internet and our digital technologies so that they support these efforts?</p> </li> </ul>
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WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BUILD A HUMAN-CENTRIC INTERNET? Meet people who are doing it. Learn how to do it. Build it together. Internet of Humans is a track within our annual Edgeryders festival. It is dedicated to bringin…

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