Is it useful to provide a guide to EU Data legislation?


Following up on the EU data legislation seminar today (1), I wonder if it might be useful for Edgeryders itself and as a community tool for external reference to create a ‘plain language’ overview of the various moving parts of those laws. Currently I do that in Dutch, see this overview. Basically it’s a set of local markdown notes I keep that are sync’d to GitHub and then automatically turned into a webpage, using the Respec W3C specification. That lends itself well to collaborative work.

Is this a good idea, is it useful to Edgeryders, is it something a one or two of you would like to help with?


Hi Ton, that is a tempting idea. Writing together – sure, no problem. For me, the bottleneck is the research that you have alredy done, and I have not (which is why I found your seminar so useful). En mijn Nederlands is nog niet goed genoeg om te vertalen!

So, the question is: what kind of skills would you need to do that? What could someone like me do?

Good questions. It depends on what result is useful. What I have done now is translate English source texts into Dutch non-legalese. I’m not sure if translating it to English again from the Dutch is the best way.

Maybe the first question is if the structure I adopted in the Dutch version makes sense in the context of ER? Would there be specific things/angles relevant for an ER version, given other ongoing projects. Maybe e.g. it’s more important to do the AI regulation first, and there’s less relevance at the start for other elements, just a random example.

Perhaps the simplest start is to bring together the links to the source material for each regulation, dataspace etc.? And extend from there.

Another element is I currently generate the Dutch overview directly from my local notes, through Github, which makes it easy to maintain. Is using a Github repository a usable way for ER in terms of toolset / principles wrt tool choice?

Finally I think an English language plain language resource is useful for me in other contexts as well. I very much would like to weave a better network around these topics, like back when I ran ePSIplatform for the European open data community / network. A resource like this might be useful as a point of coalescence.

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