Is Tivoli built on CityDev land?

On Facebook, @dante has shared that Tivoli is built on land that the group does not own, but has long-term leased from CityDev. It would be interesting to know more about this. @Sarah, you visited Tivoli, right? Do you know anything about this? @reef-building, @reef-finance, anyone up for looking into it? Maybe Mark VDD knows something about this?


Here is some information (part of a post I wrote on Aug. 20th): Habitat Groupé Tivoli created a foundation. It is not a CLT (there will be a CLT just across their street in a few years’ time), however it is built on public land (CityDev) through a “bail emphytéotique de 99 ans” (more info (2017) here Habitat groupé Tivoli - Habitat Groupé Solidaire ( and here Un habitat groupé et solidaire à Tivoli GreenCity | -


Hi there. Not much more info than the fact that it is on City Dev grounds.
He mentionned that not owning the land drastically cuts down the costs obviously, as in Bxl it represents about 40% of the total price (if my notes are correct, it does seem like a lot now!).
But we didn’t get a chance to ask much more specific questions about that…

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